Rainbow track hut > Hanmer springs (60km, 5h to 1411m)

Hohoo, we just start the morning by a rainbow :-) but it’s slightly raining in this moment. Hope we can move today because we don’t have so much food left.


On the other side of the hut it’s possible to see it entirely and just above the track. OK, I validate the name :-)

haha noooo, all these clouds are going toward us! That’s not good…

This road is to steep sometimes and we have to walk, and it’s raining, and it’s windy. But after “Island Saddle” just front of us, we should going down to Hanmer Springs, the next city. The shape of this track is like a big hill.

Go go go Josiane :-)

Yes! We did it! Altitude : 1400m but it’s really windy here and it’s 14 degrees.

After the submit, we started going down when the rain and the wind was getting stronger and stronger. We are now in a toilet cabin of the DOC. It’s cold and we don’t feel our fingers. Few minutes ago, Josiane stopped and sit down. That was a bad idea because with that weather, if we stop we could finished totally cold. That’s the worst weather we had since we are in NZ.

Oh yes, the other hut finally. We could make a fire and eat something to get some energy for the next part. This hut is not nice and smell pee. There is simply a table and a bench, enough to have a tea, eat something and dry.

The break was good and we start the last part with another rainbow. Fortunately, the weather changes fast here.

Josiane taking a picture.

Sometimes the sun is stronger than the clouds.

There is another ski area around here. I would like seeing the landscape in winter now :-)

No more rain, we can continue cycling with no worries.

We are actually on the bottom left corner of the map and we’ve done all the red line. Few kilometres more and we are in Hanmer Springs!

But before we have to cross “jack pass” another little submit.

Fiou! That wasn’t so difficult and I had so much energy. I don’t know why. We can see Hanmer Springs from here and the road is a loooong way down :-) :-) :-) that’s really cool! Timer, ready, go!

Arf! I have to stop and stake a picture when I see a landscape like this.

Or like that.

I’m arrived and waiting for Josiane. With my mountain bike tires I can go faster than her.

Hello :-)

OK, good position, don’t move, “click” thanks :-)

And Josiane is coming :-)

… with the smile but she was sliding on the gravels.

Hanmer Springs ambiance.

I like this little town.

And the old woody style.

The city centre.

And the garden on the middle.

But with chocolate it’s better ;-) I didn’t take more picture after that but we met Seb, a French cyclist guy. We had a fish n’ chips together and then we put our tent in a public garden next to a stadium. It’s forbidden but it’s free and safe and it s just for one night :-)

2 thoughts on “Rainbow track hut > Hanmer springs (60km, 5h to 1411m)

  1. The first rainbow was perfect ! And the horse with his freckles also ! Hé Damien ! I have not learnt you to wait for the girls who have problems with gravels ?? Josiane will have can break her head or her bicycle !!

    1. Josiane is going to have a mountain bike soon. Her friend will bring it to her when she will arrive in Wanaka. This old bike no really fits with the gravel road but it’s working :-)

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