Hanmer Springs > Balcairn (94km, 6h)

Today is a bit better than yesterday. We had a quiet night even if I didn’t sleep so well because I was aware about any strange noise. And we were three tents so it was easy to see us. But nothing happened and we are now in the city centre again to find a place to eat.


Roh! There is a bakery there and it smell croissant hmmm :-)

That’s our spot and I bought three croissant to start the day in a good way :-)

After a looong preparation we are finally on the road. Josiane and me had to clean our bikes because of yesterday track. I preferred doing it this morning than to break my chain in few kilometres.

Hanmer Springs is somewhere on the right hand side.

Today we are three but only for few kilometres because Seb is going to north east. We are going to south east with Josiane.

It s going up hill and the landscape is nice. Where is the sun?

The team :-)

Seb is not with us anymore. It was really nice. Now we are in a small town where every shop seems to call itself “Moketts”. I don’t know why…

A straight road where Josiane is faster than me.

It’s going up and downhill and the road is nice.

Larger view.

It’s peace here.

We have just stopped and the cows are coming toward us, like often.

Hmmm, wine :-). Why am I thinking to Mr. Grégoire? Haha :-)

Barclains is not so far and we have to find a place to stay. Good night!

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