Balcairn > Christchurch (39km, 1h45)

Today starts very bad. Since 6am maybe it’s raining and it doesn’t seems to stopped… We are stuck in our tent because almost all our clothes are wet. We don’t have water and just some food for the day.


OK, let’s start collect some rainwater and we will see after that.

We can’t going out of our tent because there is no shelter outside. We are just waiting for the weather and hoping we could move this morning. A good opportunity to play guitar :-)

This night we put our bikes together and between the tents to be sure anybody could be able to take them without making any noise.

That’s the dryer :-) but it’s raining… Not working…

Fiou! Finally it’s 13pm and it still raining but less than this morning. We are in Kaiapoi, 20km from Christchurch and we are looking for a … McDonald’s, sure!

A bridge view.

A city view.

No transition. We stayed at least 1 hour in McDonald’s to get a bit dry, have a fat little burger and get internet to find a backpacker for the night. It’s now 9pm and we finally find a place with vacancy.

The owner are not here but there is phone we can use to call them. We will pay tomorrow. Good night! It’s cold here! Hot shower, hot shower!

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