Waihi > Tauranga > Te Puna (73km, 5h)

Today is beautiful :-) my tires are still hard after one night so I’m sure it’s well repaired. That’s a second good point :-). So I’m ready to go to Tauranga and get my future little computer : a tablet.

This place remind me Kerikeri. There is kiwi fruit cultivation all around. Hummm! Gold kiwis are so delicious :-).

I’m now on the middle way between Waihi and Tauranga. It’s Katikati here :-)

And the bridge, it’s a good place to have break :-)

I didn’t take any pictures of the camp this time… before I come here I sent email to the reception to be sure it’s not expensive. The woman on the other side of the line, told me is was 15$. OK it’s correct. So, now I’m to the reception and the price increased of 2$, what??!

  • Me : I emailed you two days ago and the price was 15$.
  • The woman : ah no it’s 17$ but I’m not the person who answered you (with an unpleasant air)
  • Me : could you check my message please?
  • Her : yes… OK… 15$
  • Me : I prefer that :-)

Hey ho, I’m not a pigeon!

I set up my tent and now, I’m on my way to the city center. That’s Mount Manganui up there and Tauranga is not so far now. But the road, the road is incredible here! It’s not prepare for bicycles and I feel like I’m on a motorway… fortunately I’m almost arrive…

Since Auckland, I didn’t dare to go in internet cafe because of the crash prices… and I didn’t want to buy a computer, it’s too heavy, too big and I need to find a place to charge it every 2 or 3 days… not a good choice. Then, after some research, I turn myself toward tablets and I found the goggle nexus 7 (Seven for 7″ screen). It’s judge the size I need (little bit bigger than a Kobo), very lite (350g), powerful and with 9 hours of battery. And the very good thing, I can charge it on my bike :-)
Now, like a computer, I need to find all the programmes to modify my pictures or videos and update this blog for free when I will find WiFi in McDonald’s, libraries or other places.

After passed some hours between two McDonald’s to get free WiFi, I came back at night in The Puna and have a good sleep :-)

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