Opoutere > Waihi (82km, 4h30)

After two nights in Opoutere waiting for a pleasant weather, I’m moving to Waihi.


This is the Whangamata beach :-)

I didn’t take any pictures between because it’s always the same landscape. I’ve cycling across two hills and the second one was long. I met another cyclist but he used a race bike so he didn’t waiting for me :-)
So I’m finally in Waihi, the gold city. Contrary to Thames, the gold collect and research is not finished. I should see that somewhere.

The building from the face. They kept some piece of rails which they used to move it. It original place was about, if I remember, 600m somewhere else.

This tower, the Pumphouse, is the emblem of the town. In 2006, engineers moved this old building on this place because they found something interesting underneath.

If I follow the information, there is a visit next to the tower but before the view :-)

I should see something quite big up there…

And… wouhaaa, that’s a huge hole from 1 minute to the city centre!!

Finally, I’m going to visit a gorge. These is also a train to visit it but it’s not in service and I don’t any money to spend.

I have the choice between the busy road or a path on the other side of the river. Easy choice.

The road :-)

That’s really better than the bloody road and the view is nicer :-)

Is there any train coming?

This used to have big tanks to keep liquid product used for gold treatment.

It’s was like this before…

On the other side, the road.

Aaah :-) I’ve reach the main attraction of the day, the one kilometre long tunnel. It’s straight so I can see the exit from here. Impressive!

Before I enter in the tunnel, I can see the gorge. I thought it was deeper than this…

Here we go :-)

That’s it :-). Yes it,s more I testing in real :-)

Those bridges are beautiful :-)

This afternoon was good :-). I know on the campsite which looks particularly cute. During my way to come here, I’he found my front tire a bit flat, my first puncture after almost 2000km. But five minute ago, I realised that the tire of my trailer was completely flat as well!! So I have to repair two tires tonight to be ready for tomorrow.

I’m gonna plant my tent there,next to the wood stock :-)

And the toilets,I forgot the toilets, important place to know if you wake up on the middle of the night. That’s all for today. Now, I have to repair my bike…

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