The Puna, day off

Today is a day off for my camera as well :-) I’m between McDonald’s and McDonald’s to get all the programmes I need. It’s not the most interesting day but one day like this will help me for all the rest of my trip. After coming back to the camp, I’ve met Russel a kiwi guy. He cycled like l’m doing in new Zealand, in Thailand, Vietnam and Laos. We was talking when finally he propose me to work for him for tomorrow morning if there is enough things to do. Hmm, I didn’t expect to work in Tauranga but why not :-) Russel is building a house 2 min from the camp. I will have to put some branches away and cut some metal things and help him to do the job he can’t do alone. As almost all houses in New Zealand, they are build in wood and it should be really interesting to learn how is working a carpenter. I will see tomorrow :-)

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