The Puna, working day

It’s 8am and I’m ready and motivated to work.

OK, it doesn’t look like but that job is finished :-) All the branches was too close to the top so I through them away and fortunately I have my gumboots :-) haha. I’ve used my 1,5kg boots for the second time! I didn’t have carry them for nothing.

Then, the next job was to cut these peaces of metal to put them in the Russel’s trailer. It’s finished as well :-)

Finally, we put the “barbe à papa” to the ceiling for the isolation.

We have a great view from here. Russel proposed to bring me to the lookout point from where we can sea all the Tauranga Harbour. We will go after lunch because I’m going to work this afternoon finally :-)

That’s a well wood structure :-)

That’s the lookout tower and Russel is up there :-). I don’t dare taking pictures of people I met but I think he doesn’t know he is on the frame.

Russel was right, the view is great but cloudy today…

… but I’m wondering why they put a light just on the middle. And it’s the only one I’ve seen on this road, PFF! Here we go, we have work to do :-)

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