Te Puna, second working day

Because of the shiny day, Russel proposed me to return to the lookout view and see how is without clouds. Sure it,s better :-) When I will come back in Tauranga next time (around 1st November) I will go around the mount. This morning we continued to work on the outside of the house. We prepared the wall around the windows so Russel could fix the wood panels. I did also some different things I side during Russel was taking his door from the shop. But I finished all the work he gave me before he came back. So I did my speciality : cleaning :-)

I could work this afternoon as well but I wanted to have a moment to clean my clothes and prepare my stuff for tomorrow. Haha, when I think at the beginning, Russel wasn’t sure if there was enough work for me and finally he found always something to do or prepare :-) It’s long to work alone and sometimes it’s look like the work doesn’t move even after two days. With two people it’s surely faster :-)

I’ve learn many things in this place and I like working with wood and with Russel as well haha :-) So when I will come back to Tauranga, I will go to Mount Maunganui AND maybe I will continue the job with Russel. That’s cool :-)

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