Te Puna > Rotorua (72km, 4h30)

After four days passed in Te Puna where I unexpectedly worked I’m now going inside the north island to see how it looks there.

There is two roads to join Rotorua but this one is the shortest and the best way to go there.

I like the style of these kiwi culture :-) It’s almost artistic installation.

Here, we can do all! Walking, horse riding, mountain bike, target shooting, motorsports, wheel driving and motorcycing. That’s a cool place :-)

And now for me, it’s the perfect place to go to the toilets and have a break after 38km.

Hey! This is the lake. Now I just have to turn around and find the camp.

I’m happy to get there because after four days off it’s difficult to restart cycling.

Go go go! You can do it little duck :-)

Another view.

Always these rich houses with a beautiful view, here onto Okawa bay.

Green green green :-). I’m almost arrived to my destination. This last road vibrate so much and my bike make noise every where. I don’t like that… and my bottom doesn’t like it as well!

Aaaah, I’m installed and as always, I have so much place for me :-) this camp is particularly cheap with a better accommodation as usually. 40$ for 3 days with hot swimming pool and spa :-) Great! And, AND, there is something special here, something that William should like :-). William if you are on this page (and if your read in English haha), watch attentively the next pictures… :-)

There is dinosaurs everywhere in this camp :-)

And the visit finished by the hot swimming pool :-)

Ah no, it,s not finished yet. On the back ground, the facilities.

The kitchen…

And the TV room, library, expensive internet access, blablabla…

And for the last picture of the day… a macro flower :-)

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