Rotorua, week off

The good thing in that camp is there is some free cool activities to do and it’s really rare. But, I’ve been here for one week and I use the spa only once… rah! It’s not serious! Yep, I spend every last days on internet looking for “how to continue putting my picture on this blog without spend all my budget”. And I had too many pictures I wanted to remember so it was solo long. Start at 10 o’clock and go to bed at 2am… fiou! Fortunately, there is 3 or 4 McDonald’s in Rotorua so I moved everyday to the city centre to take WiFi here and there.

That’s my new tool to manage my blog :-) it’s very comfortable to use.

During all the week the sky was like this. All the week was the same and I did the same thing everyday. Finally it’s better to do that now because I will feel guilty if the weather was warm and sunny.

When I was in Tauranga, I entered in a bicycle shop to buy a new tire. The price was 110$ just for one! gloups… I bought the same one in Auckland for 75$. The prices are crazy. Fortunately, I found the same tire here for 50$ cool! It was an old stock so there was a bargain. I don’t really need to change it now but for the price :-)
So, now I’m front of some sleeping bags (I’m looking for a new mateless) and the prices… what? 449$?!!! I bought mine 35€ and it’s good one! They really steal people, it,s not possible. And the mateless’ price are the same so I won’t buy anything here!

I think Rotorua as many others towns I’ve seen have the same style.

Another place, somewhere close to a McDonald’s, my favourite place of the moment :-)

The camp is only one minute far from the lake. It’s a very quiet place when any plane land onto the airport…

Yes, very is an local airport next to the camp as well :-) but only 3 or 5 planes pass each days.

Everyday I’ve took the same long road to join the city centre. At the end of it, there is the first McDonald’s. Then, 8km toward the west, I arrive in Rotorua where there is two other McDonald’s. And then the last one is on the opposite side of the city. I know all ‘M’ places now :-)

This wheel I was waiting for two cables : one for my tablet, OK. And another one to for my GPS (I lost mine) but when I receive it, it was already break… grr! 10$ through the window.

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