Rotorua, last beautiful day

Hey! Finally the sun is come back, it’s warm so I should move tomorrow in direction of Taupo if it’s still like this. This afternoon I,m going to visit Rotorua with another point of view :-)

It’s like all the flowers appears today. I didn’t notice all that colours before. Bloody clouds!

The first monument the information building. I’ve passed front of it almost everyday but I was waiting for today to take a better picture.

On the lake side of the city there is a park. As the building above, I was waiting to visit it. The entrance is interesting with the moari’s sculptures.

One of them closer.

I really like the patterns! So dynamic!

Wouhaou! I remember now. I’ve seen this building in many brochures before I came here. That’s the place, a museum :-). Beautiful.

From the centre.

The roof in details. Some windows wear many different colours. This building is … whouw!

I’m now behind the museum and it’s smell very strange. This part of the lake is called sulfur bay and I understand now something; everyday, when I was reaching the city centre, it smelled the same. I thought it was a big something company witch made I don’t know what… but no no no, the smell was naturally coming from this place.
On the middle of the picture there is a hole with boiling water. It’s a big thermal zone.

The colour is wonderful. There is only a few part of oxigen in this water and just enough food for the birds species who live here.

The last one :-) I’ll like the landscape with the tree,

I continued my visit a bit more to the north of the town. There the “Lakeland queen cruises” :-)

Rah! This picture is not really clear and when I remarked that the “things” plant on the ground has left…

Pizza break…

When a bus full of Asian arrive, you have to wait to take your pictures… everyone has a big reflex and they take all together the same thing haha crazy Chinese!

These black swans are really closed because they are looking for food. Even if the Chinese group give them so many bred or other things.

Just a landscape with the hydroplane on the background.

It’s possible to rent some “padelboats” that’s cool :-). But if I use it alone I will turn around… OK it’s not for me or I have to find a partner.

And where I am now? In a Maori McDonald’s for sure :-) the decoration is very good but I will eat only WiFi :-) and I’m not the only one…

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