Urunga > Gladstone (79km, 5h)

This is the second day of my trip to Sydney and until now everything is alright! The spot I’ve found yesterday was quiet and I had a good sleep. This morning I’m ready at 7:30 and I’m looking for a picnic area or something similar to have my breakfast. Let’s go!


Only two kilometers later THE place came to me. Or, I came to the place would be more real but anyway, the sun is not out yet but my chocolate is ;-)

Beautiful colours. We don’t have those kind of ocean’s sunset in France so I’m always glad to see one.

Hello sun, I was awake before you!

I’m now cycling onto a small, peaceful and nice road. Soon I will be on the highway again because I can’t avoid it.

Hop, few kilometers on the highway and I’m out again. The next city is Maksville.

Nice garden, especially with the bin in the middle haha :-)

Hey, great! Looks like I found my spot with shade to avoid the hot hours. But before I need to buy a bit of food and then I will come back.

This is the other side, Maksville town.

I was right on the other side few minutes ago and I’m definitively coming back there because there is no any place to sit here.

I’ve spread (eparpiller) all my stuff around and cooked my lunch + dinner. I used the toilets to wash my air as well and my close. I feel fresh and full of energy to continue cycling later this afternoon. I’ve done only 40km so yes, I can do a bit more, no worries ;-)

I’ve spent finally four hours here and met also a nice couple (80 years old :-) with who we had a nice talk. They traveled a lot all around Australia with their caravan too. I can see that many MANY Australian travel here.

They are worried about our new generation, all front of a screen, not communicating (oh sorry yes, with Facebook) and building houses which are often to big for us. I’m agree with them on many points and I’m wondering if the people of my age realize that. I think, I hope! When we get older, we come back progressively in the good track, or mayne not…

Traveling is good because we met different point of view but in those “rich” country like NZ, Australia, Europe, etc… The problem is always the same. We complain about politics, immigration, safety, weather. Why? Because WE (mainly our nice and intelligent politicians) take everything from the “poor” countries so then, people come to our place to try having a good life as we have. But then “rich” complain because too much people come. This is endless… And I’d like to find a REAL solution to change that system.

As this couple said : “Where is the respect today?” This is a good question! And more I travel more I think that RESPECT is THE word, THE action that would solve everything!

Anyway it nearly 4pm now and it’s time to go. There is a pelican army here, so yes I should go ;-)

Country side! From Maksville city center I could get on the old highway which is far better than the new one down in this valley.

And there is a view!

And nice colorful flowers as well!

This is the best kind of road for a cyclist. Lost of up, down and curves. It’s not boring and there is lot more to see.

Unfortunately, good things have an end and I’m back on the highway again. This a rest area where I have… A rest. Good guess! One banana to recharge the batteries and let’s go again for the last 15km of highway before I turn off and find my spot for the night.

Aaah, finally along a nice river ( Macleay river) with the wind in my back. I could not ask more :-)

It’s getting dark and I didn’t find a place yet where I could hide myself but because I know there is always a solution so I’m gonna ask to the people in that house (on the right side) if I can use 4m² of there beautiful grass on the left side.

This lawn is a dream! I could sleep without any mattrees! Okay, I don’t like to ask but this time I will.

Good! They accepted :-D I met Susie, the mother and explained to her my plan. Her first thought was about : “is it allowed?”. But then she said OK and proposed me even some water. All is good, like every time. Australia = too easy. Hmm, at least for the east coast of course ;-) Good night!

5 thoughts on “Urunga > Gladstone (79km, 5h)

  1. Hey Damien, Wow! 79km bike ride impressive! In your travel you let me see so many things and beautiful places that I’ve never been. :-) thanks! Volcom shirt look good on you! :-)

  2. Damien, We enjoyed seeing all your beautiful photos. Love the comments. Glad you think our country is beautiful. How are the tyres going on that hard road?. Kathryn would like your phone No for when you get to Sydney. Blessings Beryl & Stephen

  3. J’ai beaucoup aimé ton commentaire sur ta rencontre avec le couple en camping car et tes impressions, ton ressenti sur ce voyage…Continue a en laisser c’est vraiment intéressant ! Have funn !!

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