Gladstone > Port Macquarie (60km, 4h)

Third day of traveling and the weather is still amazingly good. I’m lucky :-) Today I should arrive around Port Macquarie where I’ll have a day off. I will look for a job as well in case there is something unexpected coming. We never know :-)


The night along the river was good even if there was too much car passing next to me. Australian never stop driving or what?! I’ve just finish my breakfast in town and I’m ready to go now!

This section is following the river so it’s mainly flat. Then I will have another portion to reach Crescent head, where I will have a break.

Look what I’ve found along the road again :-D A glove, pretty new and in leather. And it’s my size! Perfect, I keep this one :-) Now I need to find the left one plus a left thong as well.

A robotic kangaroo :-)

A cow letter box, the biggest letter box I’ve ever seen!

Grrraaouuuuh! Yes this country is dangerous! ;-)

The road is nice here. Lots of trees around and not so many cars.

The 30 first kilometers was fast and I’m already in Crescent head.

Well, I would say, I’m already in Europe! Ah ah

Interesting map. I can see there is two way to reach Port Macquarie and this time I’m sure there is also an access to ferries to cross the river. The coast way looks more difficult but I’ll shoose this one, it’s better when it’s hard ;-)

The shopping center.

Crescent head is built on a hill so everyone get a very sensational view!

Like this!

Or this!


And the surfers are there of course. I wish I could unfold my 500g surfboard from my pocket but unfortunately it’s bigger and heavier than this.

Let’s have a wide look from the lookout.

This is holidays :-) Sorry if you work…

Time for lunch. Pasta, grapes, tuna and “fake French” mustard ;-)

I met an Ozie guy few minutes ago and he told me about every good roads until Sydney. If I remember everything, the highway will be just a bad dream. He used to cycle as well around Australia and when I talked about the two roads to go to Port Macquarie he reconmanded me to take Tue coast one because the back road is boring. But the coast one gots some hard section and I should do it in 2 days. OK OK, this is a good tip because now I’m preparing myself for a great trip. In that case : mountain bike tires becomes essentials!

3.30pm I’m on my way again to Plomer point where, maybe, I will camp one night.

Crescent Head is behind this peninsula but I’ve done only 9km and it looks so far away already.

The road is gravel now but not that bad. I’m just looking for that “Big Hill” I’ve seen on the map. Australia like New Zealand are quite logic so if they call a place “Big Hill” it certainly means there is one!

Ha, ha, looks like the hill is here!

Ahhahaah, this hill was steep and short so 5 min was enough to pass over it :-) Easy! But I need a shower now…

Hey this is the place where I could camp.

This campsite coast 10$ per head but we must pay 20$ minimum… I’m gonna take some pictures and knock off (degager) quite fast.

Yes it’s nice but as a national park’s campsite I prefer largely New Zealand which is more peaceful. The business is more present that the nature.

And there is too many people even if you don’t see them on the picture. Let’s continue!

Wow! This is different now. The guy told me after Plomer point it’s rough, really rough and I can see that now. No problem, I’m water proof and my bike as well :-)

After the water pools, the sand… One or the other it’s fine but one AFTER the other it’s hell for my chain. As you can see this is a proper 4WD track and this is why it’s good :-)

Hmmm, now I’m hesitating if I camp around tonight or if I try to get as close as possible to Port Macquarie. There is an access to the beach so I’ll have a look.

The city is there, maybe 8km, something like this. OK I can continue a bit more.

This is almost the end of the track now and Port Macquarie is closer and closer.

Night is coming and rain too. I might find a spot soon.

This is the ferry. I’m touching to my goal. Right front of me a thunder storm is growing but it’s still dry here.

On the right side the ferry. I’ll catch it tomorrow morning.

I’m having my dinner on a bench where from I can appreciate the view.

Plenty of bats are here as well like in Cairns, Woolgoolga and so many places in Australia apparently. Tomorrow I’ll cross the river by boat! See ya and good night/day.

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  1. Le kangourou en métal est il une boite aux lettres ? C’est pour ma collec’. Bonne chance pour trouve le deuxième gant ! Lol.

  2. Hey Damien! nice you having a good time, beautiful photos, some of the view along the beach look like NZ.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip. :-)

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