Port Macquarie, visit (12km, 55min)

It rained a bit last night and my tent resisted, I was lucky. It’s not much waterproof now even after the spray. This morning as every morning I woke up at 6am and a moment later I was in the ferry to Port Macquarie. There was so many mosquitoes so I had to move as fast as possible.

Then, arrived on the other side, I found this nice park with tables, toilets, showers, no mosquitoes (they don’t like ferry). Very useful place, I’m staying here :-)

And there is another guy camping there. Him, he doesn’t mind to be seen apparently.

Free campsite, beautiful view, blue sky, fiou!

The tide is low so it’s nice for the kids to play in the water. And not only the kids ;-)

This is the park from the back with the toilets/shower on the right side, tables under a big shelter and playground for kids. The classic and nice Australian park.

Now, it’s nice to be tourist and take some pictures around but I’ve got a mission today : To clean my bike. Yesterday, the 4WD track was very sandy and my chain does not handle that. I found one plastic glove along the road yesterday and I’m gonna use it. And I must swap my tires again. Lots of work…

I’ve spent maybe 3 hours working on my bike and I’m finally on my way to the city center to visit and go to the library to charge my phone. First view of Port Macquarie : it’s scary! It’s too clean, too straight. Is there people living here? It looks like Sims! (a video game).

Well I’m continuing my visit passing above varying bridges. Port Macquarie is surrounded by water. The ocean enter quite far in land apparently.

Very far even!

Oh oooh, this is the bowling club. We don’t have this discipline in France/Europe. I’m not sure. But in NZ and OZ it’s well developed and today looks like a competition! This is serious shuuut…

This is the city center but where are everybody?

Ok, I know where are they : on the beach because it’s Saturday and Saturday the library is closed. And Sunday, the library is closed as well… Rah! My phone is almost dead.. I must continue cycling to charge my battery.

I’m here thanks! Port Macquarie used to have canons to protected the entrance of the river during the world war.

Are they still working?

Hmmm, the rain seams to come back. I should come back from where I come from. I’m gonna camp where I was this morning.

Definitely, this city lives with the ocean. Many restaurants and parks are along the water and this is nice.

The marina, I presume.

Last picture of the “scary” buildings. They are new, they look nice one by one but all of them together like this with no trees… This is strange, really.

Now I’m wondering if I wait for the library to open on Monday or if I leave tomorrow morning. The weather forecast says it’s raining tomorrow… Well, I’ll decide later. See ya!

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  1. Hi Damien
    Its Beryl and Steve’s daughter here.
    If you go to boating fishing and camping you can buy some special liquid to put on your tent to waterproof it. Sorry do not know what it is called. The guys in the store will be able to help you.
    travel safe and you are in for more rain on your way down this week.

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