Port Macquarie > Crowdy head (70km, 5h10)

Finally I’m leaving. I’ll found a library tomorrow on my way, it will be better than writing here and I missed so much cycling, I can’t stop now :-)

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This morning we are five tent so about nine people who stay here overnight. The green tent behind me are French : Fabien and Damien. They told me they found this place because there mobile told them it was free. Well, it’s free but not really allowed. Maybe one tent but five! Ah ah. Yesterday some backpacker made a party and it was a bit difficult to sleep. Then it rained bit not much.

It’s always so good to camp front of the water.

This is a while later now. I’ve done already 30km and this is my first break in lake Cathie. I’m hungry!

I’m passing now “Bonny Hill” and no surprise the is definitely here.

North Haven with Dooranga National park on the background.

The weather is still wonderful and I’m on a nice cycle way.

This is what I found today along the road. Another right thong and a small towel :-)

The cycle way under the shade is going from North Haven to Laurieton which are tow small town.

On a bridge :-)

I bought some more food (even too much because I was hungry). Then I hate my lunch and come back cycling. I met a nice couple who ask me many questions about my trip. The woman was really smily and the man talked about the war :-) I think I never learn that much about the war since I’m in Australia.

I’m now going to enter in a national park where I should see some Koala! I’d like that!

Let’s go, the track is smooth.

I’m now in a forest. There is no Koala but I’ve seen a snake. A dark one, maybe black. He moved away when he saw me so I could not identify it bit dark color means dangerous, even deadly.

I’m continuing my way through that national park and there is still not any sign of Koala…

From one to another, Crowdy bay National park!

10 seconds to take a portrait is too short. I must run, ride my bike and be natural. Difficult… :-)

I don’t know if those trees was burnt purposely but the render is graphically nice : Black and white.

I’m finally in Crowdy Head and this morning I was on the other side of this bay. Laurieton is against that big hill over there.

Wow! The rain is certainly coming. It’s look like a rectangle of rain.

The crowdy head light house.

Pretty well done :-)

Nice design :-)

If I’m not moving fast, I’ll be wet soon.

But let’s have some more pictures before. No I don’t know this person. She would have a bike if I did ;-)

A last shot of that nice small light house and now I need to find a shelter because it starts raining.

After a quick look around I found that place : a primary school. It Sunday so that’s OK and tomorrow morning I will leave early so it should not he a problem.

A heavier rain is coming very soon.

At least I’ve got a nice view from here.

This is it, the rain is here and fortunately I found that place at the right time. I think I will sleep under one of these tables, just mattreeses and sleeping bag. Nights are not cold at all.


I never did that before and this is why is interesting :-) This is real adventure!


Good night :-D

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  1. Hey Damien! ! I travel a lot these days and its free! aha! beautiful photos and a relaxing places. :-) thanks.
    Enjoy your holiday and have fun!

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