Crowdy head > Foster (73km, 4h45)

Hey, today is the fifth day I’m travreling and it’s still great. It rained last night and a bit this morning but mainly I’m lucky! This morning I will start by the high way for a little while and then I could continue the day onto smaller roads.


Ouch! My “under the bench” night was not the was I have had until now. It was dry in comfortable but yesterday evening I’ve seen a dog which was more scared than me because it didn’t try to enter in “my” area. Then the wind made things moving with noise.

Anyway, this is the highway! As a guy told me when I was in Port Macquarie, the side of the road is large and I feel safe. But I’ve got an hard wind now, not to strong but it’s against me.

Off the highway, OK, this is done. Let’s have something to eat.

I found a really nice hat this morning along the highway. It certainly felt down from a car. Bad luck for that person and good one for me :-)

Here we are, Foster. The weather is getting better. It’s 12:30pm and I have done almost 70km already. I should take my free time to go to the library to charge my phone, GPS and kobo all together because everything is empty…

But, the Foster’s library is close on Monday…ah ah ah very funny. And the next one will be closed on Tuesday?

So I’m looking for a MacDonald now, expecting to have a plug or two to charge at least my phone.

Actually this part of the city IS Foster because on the other side of the bridge, from where I came from it was Tuncurry.

I’m cycling around the city, expecting to find a good spot for tonight but until now nothing.

There is that huge Golf but nooo, I would not camp there, it’s too risky and I respect the guy who cut the grass so well.

There is an access to the beach. At least I can visit.

Nice. Empty as usual.


There is a mini sand dune that way but I don’t have any time to go further. It’s getting dark.

Aaah ah! Finally! This is the spot! Bench, bush, trees, water. This where I will pitch my home tonight :-)

And there is even a shower! Good :-)

Nice view!

Now I’d like the water boil very quick because I’m starving!

My new pot (from France) in action. I’m not burning myself anymore and it’s not sticky as well. After that : tent, shower, toilet, teeth and sleep…

3 thoughts on “Crowdy head > Foster (73km, 4h45)

  1. The hat looks very useful, but may be hard to carry with you?

    We have cyclone here today.
    It landed north of Cooktown last night, and slowly coming down inland.
    It is 5pm here, still hasn’t come yet. Car is much faster than this!
    It is down to category 1 by now, so it is not serious for us.
    We have been having a lot of rain, sometimes gust of wind…
    We should be OK when the cyclone pass through. :-)
    (Martin had been restless, so I have sent them to friends house.
    Then nice and quiet for 5 hours…)

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