Foster > Seal Rock > The Wells camping area (76km, 4h45)

Hello hello, the night in the park was peace and quite and I did not met the police or somebody like this. I took my breakfast to the same place watching the runners and cyclists having there morning exercise at 7am (and certainly earlier). Australian like sports and they practice a lot!


John, this is for you. Look, a nice Rock pool as you would like one in Woolgoolga;-). The guys are actually cleaning it, certainly because there too much sand. After a while the pool becomes a beach again :-)

This morning, I was looking for the library on Google map (expecting it opens today…) When a man who was having is morning run or walk (I’m not sure) asked me if I needed help. “Well, not really, I’m looking for the library in Foster”. I explained to Lane what was my purpose and answered happily to his questions about my cycling trip. Straight away he proposed me to go to his office, a sport complex, to plug my stuff. Lane is the boss of this Aquatic centre. Wow, OK, thank you Lane! :-) He explained me how to get there because he was going to be late and the staff will take care of my stuff. Things happen always when I’m not expecting them. I was going to the library and now I’m going to an aquatic center. Why not? ;-)

And here I am :-) I entered and said to the woman that I met Lane this morning. I didn’t have the time to finish my sentence that she said with a big smile :

  • “Ah yes he called me just now, you can give me the things you want to charge”.
  • “OK ok, I’ll do it :-) Thank you”. How much is it for the swimming pool?”.
  • “It’s free, Lane said you can use it for free”. “Oh? wow, thank you very much”.

This is the swimming pool where I’ve just finished to swim two kilometers. And I had another shower. I’m more than clean now haha ;-). This is a long time I’ve been in a swimming pool (I remember now, it was in Casino, 4 months ago).

Thank you Lane, again, for this great sporty morning.


Now I’m ready for 70km of riding/traveling!

A really short break front of Wallis lake.

Then another one, for lunch, front of Smith lake. I found that piece of plastic this morning to replace the flag I’ve lost tow days ago. I will have to saw it later. I can work as a plumber now ;-)

Lane recommended me to have a look at Seal Rock. I will have to come back then because there is no connections with any other road but it’s a nice place. So I’m now turning around smith lake and I’m gonna visit that place!

Looks like some hippies love this place. This is a big hill and I’m almost on the top. Fortunately I didn’t know how hilly was the road because maybe I would go somewhere else.

And now I’m on a big slope that I will have to climb back.The view is nice from here already. Enough?

OK, OK I could not come back without being a bit further.

Yes, this is a nice a place and I wish I could share that with somebody else because I don’t know what to do here. I cannot camp because there is a campsite 500m behind me and it’s already getting dark.

I was going to leave when I realized that my trailer’s tire was quite flat. Rah! A puncture, bad luck! There was so much broken glass on the road today so I’m not surprised. I will try just to pump it and I will repair it later. At the same time a woman came to me and with hesitation asked me :

  • “Are you French?”
  • “Yes, I am.”

She wants to know if it’s possible to get to the light house by car but, during we were trying to understand what was the meaning of a road sign, her husband came and asked me questions about my travel. Then he said to his wife with a smile :

  • “I don’t mind about the light house now, I mind about his bicycle”. (haha)

They are a nice couple and I don’t know why they act like this because then she said :

  • “oh, we have nothing to give you (I didn’t ask for anything :-) We left everything at the hotel”

She went to her car and I am talking with the man. They will be in Sydney tomorrow when I will be there in… Four days ah ah :-D. His wife comes back and asks me :

  • “Do you want some chewing gum?” (Is it a message?)
  • Me :”Yes why not”.
  • Then the husband : “I will keep the box of the chewing gum if you don’t mind. I collect them to put screws in” (papy?).
  • Him again : Oh! And we have a banana I think, do you like it?”.
  • Me : “Banana is good energy and I’ll take it thank you :-)”

Finally, we left the place. They when towards (en direction de) the light house and me towards where I came from a while (moment) ago.

This is the Seal Rock campsite, certainly too expensive for me. I would love to stay here but no, it would not be serious. I prefer to buy some chocolate!

Same road, same steep hill. I prefer walking to keep a bit if energy and save my chain.

I asked to a guy in Seal Rock and he told me that this road is open only for backpackers and cyclist. On my map it’s a 4WD track so it might be hard. He told me that there is few hills at the beginning and it’s rocky. Looks like I can do it and avoid a huge part of highway. If I cannot do it I will come back and sleep here. Let’s go!

The road is really easy until now and if it stays like this I should be able to reach the other end and sleep in a free campsite on the other side of that national park.

Fiou! Almost there. I’ve got 8 more kilometers to do plus 4 or 5 to reach the campsite. Its dark now and I’m gonna use my super bright light!

Last picture because there is not enough light to take more. I’m still on my way with more than 10 kilometers to ride. I never cycle in that condition before but it’s okay. The worse should to meet a wild dog which is scary and dangerous. I’m cycling fast! A guy in Crescent head who used to cycle as well told me that one day there was 4 or 5 wild dog around him when his was cycling. He had his knife with him and he could hear their jaw (machoire) “clapping” next to him. The solution? Be strong and shout very louder at them. They will be intimidated by the voice and think : “OK, you are the master”. This is a good tip in case one day… We never know!

Finally! I did it! It was much rocky at the end but the only thing I was thinking about was to set up my tent and sleep. So, good night!

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