The Wells camping area > Medowie (85km, 4h50)

Another day, another adventure. I was quite tired yesterday after those 20km on the gravel road by night. But I had a good sleep and I’m ready for more :-)


Last night, I camped onto the wrong area… I couldn’t see clearly yesterday night and this morning a guy came and told me to move “now” on the camping area because I slept on the picnic area. Bouhouuu! This is not good and that guy was ready to fine me… Psss… OK OK I move NOW.

Like every time I feel comfortable next to the water. I could not being served better because I rested 5 meters from the lake :-)

This morning I must repair my trailer’s wheel because it’s definitely flat…

I’m full, my wheel is fixed, I’m on the road again!

What is that? A dune?

There is certainly a nice view onto the sea in the other side, let’s have a look.

Wow! It’s a real desert here! This is huge!

The Worimi Aboriginal people used to come here for special events along the year and created new artefact and tools.

Nice place but too sandy ;-)

Let’s come back.

I’ve arrived in Tea Garden just for lunch but before…

… I must repair a second puncture. Of course, I forgot that I always get a puncture in both back tires together every time. This is a kind of rule.

Reparation time…

I’ve profited of the “repair session” to fix my new flag as well.

Then, I bought my lunch and went front of the sea to eat. Nice place.

The second part of my trip today starts by the highway. This is a rest area with petrol station, take away and… “The Urulu rock”! Hey, I don’t need to see the real one now, this one is perfect :-)

As every time I’ve got lots of space on the Highway and the quality of the road is very good. No trouble at all.

Karuah town. This is a 10km detour off the highway and the place looks nice. I’ll have a rest.

Yep, nice!

I finally get to Medowie and I’m now cycling along a lake on a cycle path expecting to find a place to stay overnight.

Unfortunately, the first park was closed but there is another one further. Let’s try…

Aaah ah! This one is open!

But 5 minutes later a guard came too close this one as well. This is bad luck. Ok, I’m going back along the cycle way from where I come from to sleep there. There was a spot good enough for one night. Big day!

One thought on “The Wells camping area > Medowie (85km, 4h50)

  1. Good to see you are still travelling safe, even with the punctures.
    Most Aussie are friendly but keep a watch for the louts or morons from now on.
    Hope the chocolate supply keeps going.
    Great photos and commentary.
    Good night Thursday 10th
    Beryl & Stephen

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