Medowie > Newcastle > Cams Wharf (73km, 4h50)

Today I’m gonna pass through Newcastle. I don’t know how it will be yet but I will try to keep as much as I can along the coast and onto cycle ways. Yesterday night I realized that there is a ferry going from Stockton (a kind of peninsula) to Newcastle. I will go that way and hope they accept my bike!


This is where I slept last night finally. The road is on the right side behind the trees and car never stopped passing. Australian never stop driving! I’m packing my stuff and go to another place to have my breakfast.

This is the place where I’ve got two choices : 1) turn right and cross the bridge and avoid Newcastle city center and the coast or 2) turn left and try to catch the ferry from Stockton to the city center.

I have turned left and I’m glad because the other side is grey and ugly.

Here I’ve got a nice cycle path and a park on my left side.

I’m approaching to the ferry station I think.

Yes it’s there in Yellow and green like those in Sydney :-) Newcastle looks like an old city with more historical building like that big church onto the top of the hill.

Ok, now we wait. And wait… And wait… I met a woman here who is living on this side. She told me : “Yes this is the Newcastle city center, if you want to call it like that but there is not much to see on the other side”.

I’m in! I had to pay for myself (2,60$) but nothing for the bike. Good!

I’m out! The trip was very short, maybe 3 minutes.

The design of the city here is a bit different than usually. It’s not bad.

Very rural view.

I like this one, It’s represent very well my day trip :-)

There is some big buildings around.

And lots of park as well.

Those buildings are interesting. Kind of big steps with round tubes as roof. Why not!

Because I like to be in an end I start visiting the Harbour.

Almost there!

No wind, quiet place. I thought Newcastle was much more busy than that.

I’m now going south along the coast and avoiding the main road. This is the entrance of a big area with a huge rock pool on the other side of this wall.

This is not the ocean here but the Tasman sea guys. Mistake, mistake!

Fiou! This road was steep. We can still see the big yellow building “ocean baths” down there.

I’m cycle where the rich people live I think because there is many big houses. Some of them are very modern when some other keep the old fashion style like this one. Cute!

Very hilly here!

And very industrial there

I’m now going downhill on the other side. Lots of hills are coming today!

I’ve done 10 or 15 kilometers since the last pictures.I was cycling on the highway when I remembered Google map is able to show the cycle path around. It was just in time because I’m now on an old railway which is going like this for many kilometers. I’m lucky!

And I finally join the highway again in Belmont where there is a nice park. It’s 12h40 and something tells me that I should eat.

Three hours later I’m on my way again. I had a cold shower and I’m fresh to pedal some few kilometers more to reach a nice spot for the night.

And I think I found it.

Oh yes! This is so quiet here and right next to the Macquarie lake like before in Belmont.

It should rain tonight but I’m still lucky , I had a nice day again. Nine days of cycling without rain!

Yes, definitely, this is the spot but I will try the other side because it’s closer to the public toilets.

Later after my dinner (same as my lunch, same as yesterday lunch and dinner as well) I met a guy who was walking in the direction where I had hided my bike… I was eating on a bench further and was waiting until it gets dark to pitch my tent. When I’ve seen the man walking their I followed him and went to check my bike. Them he came back to my direction and with a very smily voice he told me : “Hello, how are you? Are you traveling around?” We discussed for a while. Five minute later I learned he was a retired nurse and he was bisexual. He asked me which side I was. Women are enough for me thank you. Then he told me he used to make massage. Heuuu, where are you going like this? This guy looks fine but we never know. Finally just before he left, he proposed me a massage which I refused politely because I had my blog to write and some other things to do. He told me that he is a person who likes giving (which I trust) and without insisting said good bye, wished me all the best and left. I know he is living around the lake and he comes sometimes here because the place is “peace and quiet” as he said. And it’s true, I’m gonna have a good night here :-) if he is not coming naked to make me a massage! I would prefer a princess haha ;-)

4 thoughts on “Medowie > Newcastle > Cams Wharf (73km, 4h50)

  1. In The city now. Keep an eye out for these type of blokes.
    Avoid them like the plague.
    Happy cycling
    Stephen & Beryl

  2. Allons bon, voilĂ  que les hommes te tournent autour maintenant ! Bah, il faut de tout pour faire un monde parait il ! Lol

  3. Did you sleep well? :D

    It’s first time to see New Castle.
    It looks big and clean.

    Stay safe!

  4. Hi Damien! Its good that I see heaps of Beautiful photos of New Castle. I meet an exchange student last year from New Castle. Shes her for three months living with Jane’s Family and Ramai in Gisborne. Thanks! :-)

    Oh! The body massage is a good offer, :-) But with the ‘ STRANGER’ nah! Its ‘ FREAKY’

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