Cams Wharf > The Entrance > Wagstaffe (74km, 5h)

This is getting annoying… I had already two punctures nowhighway. This is the third one in few days. I think my trailer’s tire is done. I did 4000 km with the first one and almost 8000km with this one. I guess it deserve a rest :-)


This morning is good and I’m still cycling of the main road.

I arrived to “The Entrance” (this is the name of the city) and I met for the second time only a “racer”, I mean a cyclist with a race bike. Usually they are so concentrated that they don’t say hello or even pay attention to something else than pedaling. This time, a man passed me and we chatted along the way. He speaks very fast and change subject very quickly so I need to focus. He asked me if I wanted to have a rest but then started to guide me around the town. The thing is, he is light! when I’ve got 40 kilos more than him to pull. It’s a hard exercise to follow him!

Finally we ended around the same place where I met him and I know all the city now :-) This was a flash visit and I definitely need a rest now haha.

Then, I’m continuing along the lake Macquarie.

Still on the cycle way which is nice.

Wow, nice view :-)

This is the official Australian sport (for me).

I would not use one of those pedaling boat. Look, so many numbers are missing and maybe the people disappeared with!

Ouch! This is rain!

I passed through Terrigal city center where I had no choice that to come back up hill to join the highway again.

And this road is steep! It was a long time I’ve been on a steep road like this. Last time was between Cairns and Cook town.


A moment later! Nooo! Again!

I want to catch a ferry tomorrow to go to palm beach because turn around The Hawkesbury river is a long way which bring back on the highway or even worse, the motorway.

I can distinguish Sydney over there, far away. I’m almost there!

And I just had another pucture, again… But this time when I started to disassemble my tire (still the trailer one) it rained and quite heavy. I was really angry and kicked my bike. Why today it’s like this!? This is three punctures in two days on the same wheel!

The rain stopped, I finally could fix my inner tube and continue my way. Fortunately, this nice landscape helps me to forgot my misadventure.

I’m almost arrived to Wagstaffe, few more small hils!

It should be on the other side.

Yes! Here it is!

After a short rest, I’m now looking backward to find a spot for the night. I’ve passed a beach 10 minutes ago where I could have a look.

This house is nice. I like the non existent fence of the balcony. Easy to take care of ;-)

After 30 minutes of research I finally discover a good spot between two houses. It’s like a path, very quiet. I’m going to sleep well. See ya!

3 thoughts on “Cams Wharf > The Entrance > Wagstaffe (74km, 5h)

  1. Ah ! je t’imagine très bien en train de donner des coups de pied dans ton vélo. C’est complètement inutile, mais ça détend ! Lol.

    Superbes photos sous la pluie, ou du moins après la pluie !

  2. 8000km out of tyre seems pretty good mileage to me. Hope you have plenty of spare patches for the repairs.
    It looks like you will be in Sydney for Easter.
    Glad the Gods are looking after you.
    Not too much rain we hope. We have had a fair bit of rain here.
    We had 10.5 mm up to 9.00am yesterday and 19 overnight.
    Regards and happy pedalling
    Steve & Beryl.

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