Wagstaffe > Naraweena > Sydney > Newtown (50km, 3h45)

This is the last day of my trip to Sydney. I might also visit Nola because Naraweena is on my way. I met her more than five years ago when I was studying at EF school in Sydney.


This is where I slept last night : between two houses. The one on the right side was empty so it was even more quiet.

I used the cold shower from the beach yesterday night so I’m fresh to start this last day trip.

OK, the plan changed already. I’m in a boat to Palm beach but it’s not the ferry I should take. The weather forecasted a storm so the company stopped every thing. We were 5 person waiting for the ferry and one of them proposed to share a taxi boat. Three of them left and I didn’t want to cycle all around because it’s gonna rain and the road is so hilly. Yes, I’m lazy and this lazyness has a price : 90$. The guy was nice and paid 50$ when I paid 40$ (logic). He told me : “you are in holiday”. Thank you!

This dog doesn’t really like this little boat. He is walking non stop and at a time he even jumped on my knees! haha. His master was a bit embarrassed but this dog is so soft!

In this are the waves are getting bigger because it’s not protected by the land. I feel like the boat is gonna crack down because the captain drive very fast. In an hour maybe, it will be too late for anybody to cross thes waters.

finally, maybe 20 minutes later, I’m landing on Palm beach. From here I’m going to cycle until Newtown avoiding the Manly’s ferry because I spent already some extra money today.

It’s difficult to stop around here because of the traffic. But this time I have no choice. Guess what?

Another puncture… 4th in four days on the same wheel. I verified my tire closely and many glasses piece are stuck in. This is why I got a flat tire every minute!

I’m running out of patch but I found a cycle shop along the main road. Luck!

OK, this time I’m on my way to Narraweena and until now I remember everything.

Narraweena, I’m getting closer.

10 minutes later, I’m front of Nola’s house. I think I recognized her car so she might be still here!

Yes she is! I didn’t dare to ask to take a picture with her. She twist her back yesterday and she can barely move. She is the same as last time I saw her and remembered me almost straight away. I just said my name and that was enough! Good memory ;-) She still has students (actually six) and she told me that a German guy, Felix, he was her in the same period in 2008 came to see her few weeks ago. The finish guy, Samy came twice in five years! I recognized her grand daughter on a picture. I met her last time but she was not here today. This is a strange feeling to come back almost 6 years later and discover that nothing really changed between that time. I really happy to see her again but it’s already 3pm and I have two hours and a half because sunset. I might move.

Well, I’m on my way to newtown again and I forgot something : the hills and the rain…

And finally after turning around I found the way to get on the famous Sydney Harbour bridge. It was a bit complicated because all the roads go to the motorway so I had to keep of the road to find the right way. But the adventure is not finished, I have a steep concrete hill to climb now!

hey hey! I’m there, I’m on it! Brisbane to Sydney : Done ;-)

Luna Park, I remember this one but not the swimming pool.

Closer look.

The way is open, let’s go!

I can’t see the Opera house from this side but I still have a good point of view.

This is one of the Sydney’s ferry.

My favourite effect but it could be even better if I was a bit higher.

The colorful Luna Park again.

Another try.

Panoramic view.

brrr! There is lots of showers and it’s almost cold now! This is a long time I feel this. I’m taking a break so I won’t arrive to Robin’s place totally wet.

Finally, after 30 minutes riding in the city, I reached Newtown. I put my earplug and startestarted the GPS. Then I was cycling and listening to the instructions. Very useful, I can still hear the traffic because the voice speaks only sometimes. Thank you GPS! And hello Robin :-)
I met Wenddy, a friend of Robin who comes to Sydney regularly to work.

And I met this cute cat which I dared to take a picture of :-)

Robin has a very nice old house. There is wood everywhere and the general style is old fashion. It’s very comfortable. I’m lucky again! From now I’m going to be more quiet with my blog because I’m going to search a job seriously, I have to! But I won’t miss an opportunity to cycle around a take some picture of Sydney and here, Newtown, which is a fashion, cool, hipe suburb. Next time, visit!

5 thoughts on “Wagstaffe > Naraweena > Sydney > Newtown (50km, 3h45)

  1. welcome to the rat race Damien. Glad you made it safe.
    How do you like the traffic????
    Mum and Dad said you might be interested in a driving job, being a second drive with my husband on trips to qld. He is on his way back from one today and will arrive back tomorrow sometime.
    Do you want us to call you if he gets another one to talk about whether its interesting to you?
    Have a lovely Easter.
    The Easter show is worth checking out if you havent been before.
    Take care and hope to see you while you are here.

  2. Congrats on making it Damien !!! Looks like you were using a Tilt/Shift lens with some of your photos from up high ? The random de-focus makes it look miniature… Please let me know if you get in touch with Steven Kennessey in Narrabeen

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