Woolgoolga > Urunga (71km, 4h30)

This is the big departure! I’ve got only my tent to pack and the road will be mine :-) It’s strange to travel again but I cannot wait any longer. Let’s go!


I passing front of the Indian temple of the city. They are building a second one because Indians community are not agree with each other so they want another temple, ah ah ah.

camels? Camels! Ah OK, why not.

I’m actually cycling along the highway because I have no choice. Then after Coffs I will be able to leave it.

And that’s it! John showed me this road some weeks ago.

After the big prawn in Ball in a, the BIG banana in Coffs Harbour!

Nice view, I’m coming from behind this hill, already!

This is Coffs Harbour and the city center is on the right side, out of the picture.

I’m still following the road recommended by John so I’m avoiding the city center.

Sawtell lookout! Nice view.

Houuu my bike back in action :-)

This is south, where I’m going.

Since Coffs, I could avoid the highway but this road is closed and I don’t want to come back to the big noisy road so…

I’ll cut by the forest :-)

This is bongil bongil national park and thanks to my GPS there is a way (normally) to turn around the works.

Hmm, the path looks better and after 30min spent in the park I should be out soon.

Yes :-)

This is the end, finally!

And because I’ve got too much energy I’m continuing to ride for a while. I’m arriving to Raleigh.

Nothing special here apart a nice ce letter box. R2d2?

Finally I’ve decided to push a bit more further until Urunga. I should be around soon if it’s not here.

Hmm, there is a good spot there!

Nice :-)

No no, I’m not going to set up my tent now but the grass looks good.

This is my spot for tonight. We are not allowed to camp but my tent is small, I’m silencious and I will leave before sunrise. It should work.

I’m continue to turn around the place in case there was another good spot.

And look what I found! Bread clips! And do you know what you can do with that?

Repair your broken flip flop of course! Useful!

This is a nice park here as well and I’m going to have a break and right my blog.

I the center of the park there is a golf course and around plenty of picnic areas. I’m waiting until it’s dark and I will come back to my spot for the night. See ya!


My first spot to sleep was good but it could be easy to see me. That’s why I’m looking for a better one. This us the ciciitty center of Urunga. Pretty :-)

Here is the one! I’m 2min out of the city center. In the left side, this is a water epuration station and I’m gonna put my tent up to that tiny hill between the fence and the trees. There is a platform and nobody could see me from the road. Perfect!

Now I know where I’m gonna sleep so I came back to Urunga to have my dinner. This time, see you tomorrow :-)

6 thoughts on “Woolgoolga > Urunga (71km, 4h30)

  1. Ah j’aime mieux quand tu voyages Damien, parce qu’on voyage aussi ! Pas mal le system D pour les tongues ! Quant aux dromadaires (et non les chameaux, enfin je crois) rappelle toi qu’en 2010 les australiens ont du en abattre tout un troupeau de 6000 têtes qui cherchaient l’eau désespérément dans leurs propriétés à cause de la sécheresse. Ça fait plaisir de voir qu’ils en ont laissé quelques uns ! Allez bon voyage, et continue à nous faire découvrir tous ces splendides paysages … si tu en as le temps !

  2. Hi Damien nice to see you, :-) your in the road again exploring. Nice photos and I like the idea of the bread clips. Brilliant! Thanks :-)

  3. Salut Damien, j’ai hâte de voir quels chemins tu vas prendre. Et je vais tester ton “truc” pour les tongs !

  4. Excellent le truc pour les tongues !!! Sinon c’est “on the road again” !! Pas trop dur après 3 mois d’arrêt ??

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