Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, the castle (upgrade)


Yesterday evening, the rain started and without any doubt it rained during the night as well. So this morning is misty, fresh and nice. I’m going to continued working on the tower today but if it’s too wet I’ll wait and find something else to do.


Last week when we started covering the tower I thought we could go a bit further than just fix some wood one it. It’s already better than nothing because the colour match with the landscape but it’s a tower, so why don’t we build a REAL tower. Something like this :

We just need to cut the board at different size to create the right shape. I finished to fix one side this morning where the entrance is and I started the right side. Yes because there is an entrance to climb onto the top. Kids can do that and they will certainly like it, I hope. Then we will build a ladder and set up a flag! :-)


And I think it’s a good spot to observe animals as well. This tower is four times more useful than we expected at the beginning :

  1. it’s bring water to the house (the original goal)
  2. it protect the electric plug of the pump from the rain
  3. it’s a “playground” for kids
  4. it’s an observatory!
  5. ah, I forgot… and it’s cool ;-) (but not finished yet)

And I thought the day was finished but no no no :-) Around 5pm It start raining more and more, heavier and heavier.


In few minutes the ground is covered by water.


On the other side it looks more quiet.


The thunder is right above our heads.


Youuuh! grey grey grey!


Looks like…


… the rains comes back!


Those clouds drop even ice! crazy! and the noise! pfff! This picture comes from the video I took.

Close up Video.


Water water water!


Very heavy rain!


The gutters are full now and the water pass anywhere.


Have a look on the other side again. Ouch! This rook is useless or what! Heavy crazy rain. I’m afroad about December now, when I will come back cycling around. If it’s rain like this… my poor tent won’t resist…

Oh, and  this afternoon I used the vacuum for a live test and it worked two minutes… It was powerful and everything! but two minutes… I was proud of me! during two minutes… Shit!

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, water supply system, the castle (upgrade)

  1. Ça peut servir de poulailler aussi non !! Comme ça vous ferez d’une pierre six coups ! en plus les poules auront chaud et la couvaison se fera mieux !

  2. Wow! It’s quite a big job. I thought you will use thin panel or thin wood planks.
    You are making a strong proper cover! It looks good.
    It will be even better when it’s finished.

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