Upper Mongogarie, repairing and cleaning


Today we continued organised things around. The morning was really fast. This afternoon, I’m trying to repair the vacuum. It was hard to find the screw and open it. And of course there was one screw different than the others with a star head shape precisely to prohibit people to open and repair it, pff… shitty world… Anyway, I just broke the last bit where the special screw was. This vacuum doesn’t really suck so I can try everything.


It’s full of dust! (of course it’s a vacuum…)


Ahaaah! I found the way to enter inside the core. Bloody vacuum!


The dust is so thin and I’m well protected. This is a surgical intervention ;-)


Hey! Now it’s clean inside so normally it should work much better. And it is, cool :-)


Next small mission, re-organise this room before it’s too late. One month ago, this place was empty…


About twenty minutes later, the job is done! easy :-)


Now we’ve got rows and columns to reach everything in the room without having moving the room itself. easier, faster, useful :-) Tin’ Tin’ the day is finished, it’s holiday time now, see ya!

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