Upper Mongogarie, impressive thunder storm


Today, Monday, come back to work. We worked with Jamie here and there, no particular project, just cleaning around. We start putting things a bit everywhere ourselves. Some spade (pelle) here, a screwdriver (tourne vis) on the ground, a tape measure (metre) on the roof :-) We need to keep this place tidy. I’ve also started testing all the electric tools because some of them are not working or just ready to explode, this is not really safe… We keep the best one and the others : rubbish! Keith buy every single thing in auction or on ebay. The quality, he doesn’t really care apparently. When he could buy one thing with a good quality he prefer ten of bad quality. End then they want to dig a huge hole and buried all the rubbish, ecologic isn’t it? Yes I’m angry today.

Late this afternoon, after work, some dark clouds caught the blue sky and let place to a huge thunderstorm following by heavy rain. I’ve recorded a video but my camera is not sensitive enough. We can only see something when the sky becomes white. It’s still a good souvenir, for me, because I know the real thing. Sorry for you… :-)

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