Byron Bay > Upper Mongogarie (by car… of course)


Second day off in Byron bay. We are lucky because today is the last day with sun. From late this afternoon we should have rain everyday for minimum a week… Aïe aïe aïe! We wanted water, we are gonna be serve and even more. It’s sunny now so let’s visit before the storm!


Wow! It’s 6am and the sun is right on our face.


We had a peaceful night in our garden but we didn’t really sleep but it’s was nice! but there was a few drops in a middle of the night. But there was stars as well! but we could here some noises around. But we wasn’t scared :-)


Early this morning there is already some activity on the beach.


Maybe the life guards are training?


Looks like it’s a big organisation.


What are they doing?


What’s that? ah, heu… flowers of course :-) We are gonna eat a delicious breakfast to get so much energy that we could run during all the day. And these flower decorate the table of the restaurant.


I like already this menu ;-)


Full of energy we are now walking towards…


… the light house!


The view is fantastic from here. this is the other side of Byron bay to the south direction.


Almost there.


And it’s not finished! Cool it’s a kind a loop.


Most easterly point of the Australian mainland. This is the end of Australia Jamie. This is east cape like New Zealand! Maila should be around hahaa ;-) Maila? :-)




Let’s go down. Jamie with his two different Flip-flop. The pair he found in Casino’s house was broken and yesterday he found one better one on the street. It’s half broken now :-)


The first rock front of us is the place where we were yesterday. Behind this point is Byron bay.


Strange trees again.


A nice hotel :-)


We reach the beach again.


Aaah Okay. I understand now. This morning, the team on the beach was preparing an event. This is a competition of Kayak, barque, surf and other things related to the sea.


This is serious!


The five young woman lying down onto the sand are not dead, hein ;-) They are waiting for the signal. When the guy whistle (siffle), they must stand up and run as fast as possible to catch a stick on the other side, actually behind them. There is one stick less than the number of participants so the slowest one will be eliminated. They play until two players left. This is life… :-) It’s like the “musical chair” but without music and without chairs haha ;-)


Vilma join us for lunch. She slept only three hours but she is alive. Crazy finish woman! haha. We are gonna eat… sushis! miam!


And after lunch she is gonna surf. So much energy, so much strength, her name is Vilma :-)

Bye Bye Vilma, enjoy Byron bay and see you one day around maybe :-)


The afternoon pass and we doesn’t really know what to do because Sue didn’t tell us yesterday what time they are to pick us up. We can’t go too far in case they ring us.


And the bad grey clouds are coming… grrrr…


I thing I took already a picture of this bird. They are the Australian version of the Weka (the Australian annoying bird). I’m waiting for Zackari teacher to discover its name ;-)


Finally, around 5pm, we were in a bar with Jamie when Sue rang us. We are now coming back to Upper Mongogarie. The weekend is finished! See ya!

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  1. Kia Ora Damien! Its a nice break for you away from work, nice photos and beautiful place :-) Yaeh look like Escape NZL.

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