Upper Mongogarie, same day


Today same things as yesterday : a shiny morning working down there to our castle. Then we came back to the house to have a lunch. We started to hear the storm coming. One hour later, bahouuum! crazy weather again!


This is a close up on the top system ‘D’ to fix the board onto the tower. Originally those ‘U’s should be use for pipes but… anyway, it’s working well here :-)


Aie! I forgot too close the tank and my screw driver felt inside… hum hum


We came back to the property and because it’s sunny and warm I applied the ‘mastic’ on the pipe. This time I should able to paint on it to finish the straw!


It’s 1 o’clock and I have less than two hours to work. I decided to made the ladder for the castle so I work under the shade.


But it’s not sunny any more, the storm came back again and the heavy rain with.


And the ice cubes as well!

Hale again.


Yes yes, ice cubes!


Three times bigger than yesterday, crazy! And it’s 20 degrees now, something like this…


Anyway the ladder is finished and it’s working, cool :-)

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, same day

  1. Bon, il ne manque plus que le pastis alors !! Dis donc, c’est nouveau les chaussettes avec les tongs ! Et pas les deux mêmes en plus, lol !

  2. Hey Damien, you look 10 years younger in those star shorts!

    I have never experienced any hailstorm in my life, yet.
    It looks exciting, but it could be dangerous to experience.

    Your ladder looks cool. :-)

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