Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis


The wood is finished, hmm, at least it’s cut and on place. I thought I could finish on Friday but no. I need to protect the walls now, cut the roof metal part.


Later it will look nice with the decoration, pots and flowers.


Later, without the sun, a better view.


I did the center twice and it still not perfect… I realised later than because the each jacuzzis are not exactly the same size and because I aligned them by the outside the center is not square. So it’s hard to make this thing right.


On Monday, I’ll work on this part.


A tour around : sun flowers :-)


I’m wondering who worked here…


Some flowers.


Macro leafs.


And a… how to say… a wonderful (heurk) Christmas tree with real snow of course.

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis

  1. heeeeyyy my dear friend, my mom just give me you’r blog url and i’m so happy to catch up on you!!! depuis que tu n’a plus de facebook, je n’ai rien su de toi mais je vois que tu n’a pas lesiné! Moi je vien d’etre maman d’une petite fille Anaéli qui n’a pas encore un mois. J’espere que tu t’eclate, profite de ta vie, fait qu’elle te rende heureux!! je tembrasse fort fort. sab

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