Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis quatuor


And finally (I hope), this time (fingers crossed), the hole is done. Today I’ll put everything on place because I’m gonna fix the big frame to create one big strong piece. Then I’ll take out the jacuzzis again to have enough room for working. This is going to be more interesting from today because the changes will be faster :-)


As I said, faster :-D but nothing is fixed. I’m creating each piece and I’llplay lego at the end ;-)


A closer look :-) Unfortunately, the jacuzzis don’t have the same size so the center will be tricky to make. But certainly even more interesting!


I’m working inside the green house because of the power plug and the shade.


Cutting wood, this is the main job today and there is more to come because I won’t finish today for sure.


But it’s sooo hot! I having a sauna by the same time! Fiou!


I’ve worked more than six hours already and I didn’t eat yet but what a nice result :-) Much better than the first bloody half hole! I signed my creation with a ‘T’, haha ;-) I’ve just realised this.


Sue and Keith went the Gold Coast to get their daughter. I’m alone since 11am. It’s now 2:30pm and it’s maki time! Great :-) See ya!

4 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis quatuor

  1. Ouah la classe avec le parquet et tout ! Les poissons vont vivre dans le luxe ^^. Tu fais de l’ingénierie nan pêche avec tout ça. C’est super technique. Mmmmh tes sushis ont l’air trop bon ! J’ai pas trop compris la recette que tu présentais ? Pourrais tu mettre celle que tu m’as donné par Skype ? Mici :D. A bientôt !

  2. Did you make the sushi roll ?!
    It looks fantastic !!!!! Yummy~!

    I like the look of the jacuzzis! It looks great with wood pieces in between.
    It looks like a luxury resort. Good design !

  3. Utiliser la scie à côté des pieds chaussés de tongs ! Mais ça va pas non !!! Si la scie dérape, toc, un pied en moins ! Ceci dit, le résultat est convaincant … manque plus que le principal !
    Sympa les sushis !

  4. Hey Damien! your nearly there ! Its a huge project and for one person doing it, you ‘ve done a pretty great job! :-) Two thumbs up again! Well done…
    The shushi look delecious! miam!
    Miss your cooking :-)

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