Upper Mongogarie, Jacuzzis, going backwards


Monday, I’m late… I hope I could finish last Friday but no, not possible. Last Saturday two guys from Sweden came. We are now three (I’m counting well , aren’t I). So today I expect to finish the wall protection. It’s nearly half done now. (Lucie don’t clic on the arrow, a huge goanna is coming :-)


I was walking around the house after I picked up a tool when I heard a strange noise. I’ve surprised a goanna without knowing and it ran so fast and climbed in that tree.


haha, and now it’s expecting to be well hided. Hey, I know you are here Polo ;-)

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, Jacuzzis, going backwards

  1. Eh be ! C’est une sorte de caméléon non ? franchement sur la première photo je ne l’avais pas vu !! Balaise la bébête en tout cas ! Bien contente que tu ai de la compagnie ! Je parlais des suédois naturellement ! Lol

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