Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis, still digging…


Hey, Jamie left the place yesterday and a new wwoofer is going to participate the the jacuzzis project, or not. Jamie you should be jealous…


Hooo, what’s happening? Should I run?


This morning for the first time (for me) I can see quite closely the male kangaroo. Usually the female and the baby are eating around the house almost every morning. The male is further somewhere and jumps away for any strange little noise. But this morning he is here!


Hop hop hop! Kangaroo time is finished, it’s time to work.


Especially to dig! Ah? I missed the shot :-)


I’m trying to get rid of all that dirt I won’t use and I’ve got an idea : The “cage house”, no lions or crocodiles, only plants :-)


Like every thing here, the “cage” was build onto a slope and nobody had the time the level the place. This is perfect for me :-)


Sue, you can plant whatever you want now :-)


What? It’s broken! Nooo, I’m still figuring it out how to prevent the sandy walls to falling down. I guess I’ve got a solution but I need to enlarge the whole hole… I’ve done half of the job. Tomorrow I’ll definitely dig the rest and then, only then, I should start the nice job, fiou! Tired > shower!

One thought on “Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis, still digging…

  1. Il est où le bébé kangourou ?

    J’ai de voir les jacuzzis installés. Ça m’intrigue vraiment, et surtout l’utilité. Tu ne racontes pas des bêtises avec ton histoire de poissons ?

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