Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis basement


Finally! This morning I finished digging the hole. Now it makes a nice big octagon shape just as the same as the four jacuzzis put together. But there was still something wrong, something I was worried about, something I wanted to fix but it takes time. But I have time! So, let’s go for it :-)  Yes the “table” frame in the center sits actually on four brick which themselves sit on the sandy ground. When it will rain a lot, the bricks might move millimeters after millimeters and after a while, a year maybe, boom! Broken… My solution, the most natural one I think, is to use concrete and build a real strong basement. And I even got the machine to make it, but this concrete machine was stuck under a thick layer of strong and dry concrete. First step : unlock the machine from its prison. Second step : learn how to make concrete. Last step : work :-)


I finished the frame this morning and fill the hole with the first load of fresh concrete. It’s the first one I made by myself and the texture is nice. I’m proud of me and really enjoy this work :-) I need now to make more.

It’s remind me Brazil when I was part of the association “operation brazil” where we were helping to build a school, and even two! . What a good souvenir and a great experience :-D This is the place seven years ago where I learn how to make concrete :-) Time is so fast.


The machine! Even the wheels was flat and full of concrete. I’ve cleaned it, fixed it and now it’s working well, I’m lucky because making by hands, no way. Even Sue thought this machine was going to be stuck forever, haha!


Fiou! It’s done, hmm, the first part. I want to do the same thing for each corner as well. This project is getting bigger everyday but I’m learning and enjoying a lot :-) Jamie you just mist an interesting part, something new to learn! Rah, too late man.
I’ve worked more than 8 hours today but I wanted to finish the basement. Tomorrow will be a short day. I will have 4 hours to make the corners. Then the concrete will get dry during the weekend and I could continue the project easily, painting the pieces of wood to protect them then put everything together for a nice result if I didn’t do any mistake…. I hope! :-) See ya!

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