Upper Mongogarie, wood protection


Today, no more digging. I’m glad to do something else : painting :-) My first concrete piece is ready to use, I put the “table” back onto it. The heavy boards are ready to be covered with the harderner, the product that will protect the wood for the next few years. Ok let’s start.


It’s much easier than digging :-)


And hop, the table is done:-)


And hop, the boards are done.

And hop, it’s started raining at 6pm… grr! Bah, never mind, it’s weekend now so I’ll see that on Monday. See ya!

2 thoughts on “Upper Mongogarie, wood protection

  1. Tu m’impressionnes Damien ! Tu découvres tout en même temps, et tu t’en sors comme un chef ! Ah … la génétique, quelle aventure ! Lol

  2. Digging is hard. Even making a hole for planting a little curry tree was hard. (Marco did it for me. last Sunday.)
    You did fantastic job without any digging machine!

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