Upper Mongogarie, jacuzzis, first one ok


Today I’m continuing alone the project we started with Jamie few days ago. I should be able to finish next week but jobs like this are always longer as we expect. And I’ve got the chicken cage to build plus create a system to provide water to seven big water tanks. Lot’s of work and one month left!


We used yesterday this aluminium frame. The size is perfect but I’m worried about its strength. Once the Jacuzzis will be full, the pressure could break this cheap “ikea” table frame. The new one is ready so let’s change it.


But before that, I need to get rid of the dirt around. It’s falling down in the holes and block the working space. One is done and there is two more piles.


Yes this!


The new woody frame is now on place and leveled :-) I need to find a solution to protect the wood from the rain because when it’s raining it’s going to be a big bath under the jacuzzi. I guess…


The boards are on place too. Now it’s time to dig and dig and dig and eat…


The day is now finished. I almost get rid of the second dirt pile, I finished one hole and started the one one the left side. One jacuzzi is on place, one! Three more… I like this kind of job :-)

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