Upper Mongogarie, Jacuzzis solution


Ok, today it’s serious :-D. We have a plan and we are going to do a good job. I don’t have 100% of the solution but at least, until now, it should works. It’s the last day of Jamie! From tomorrow I’m gonna dig alone. I was the first guy on this session and I’m the last one as well. Jamie, enjoy Melbourne and maybe see you there one day, we never know :-)


This is the plan I made last Friday. Now we just following! And especially digging… haha :-)


Midday, it looks good and now we must levelled each piece of wood so the baths will be logically flat (not as before).


This day is already finished but we worked well. Each piece of wood is now on place. We need to dig more so the baths won’t touch the ground and damage the pipes. I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow.


Today, I’m happy :-) This time it’s better :-) Ah, a small precision : those jacuzzi will be use as simple containers for fishs. I’m just afroad that any fish will be able to live here because they painted it in black so the water gets quite hot during the day. This is another problem and not mine.


Ouuuh! What do we have here? A big, even HUGE sticky insect.


It’s walking as a spring (ressort) will do if it was alive. Strange style. I have a video but, yeah, later…


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