Upper Mongogarie, almost running out of water


This is a new week, the fifth one :-) Now we wake up every day at 6:30 am to appreciate the low temperatures and every day we can watch the kangaroos coming around the house to eat some fresh grass. We tried last time to give them some bread because Keith said they like it but they paid no attention at all!


And Jamie loves watching them :-)


Hey! there is grass everywhere! Why are you going to eat the one in the pot? Sue?


I’m having now a turn around the property to take some pictures of the work we’ve done last week. This area is almost completely clean now :-)


We’ve got a last thing to do : clean those blue “swimming pool” tiles.


We are trying to find a solution to clean them all because there were (and there are still) onto the ground.


Like this!


They used to be packed properly years ago but now it’s impossible to use them as a flat, nice pieces of blue tiles. So, one day, we will clean them and use them separately for decoration maybe.


It’s a long time I have took a picture of my bike :-) It’s actually inside the red container waiting for me.


We continue to recycling all the cans and bottles we find around the house but we need more place, it’s full!


On Friday afternoon, we worked with Jamie on this pool. We need to make it flat to prepared the place for future heavy rains. We are gonna work on this spot the last hour of the day because it’s hard to dig, and even rocky one the right hand side…


The visit continue further down around the rubbish place. We started pouring the rubbish two weeks ago I think. The first pile is burnable (wood, cardboard…) and the other one is…  crap! hahaa


So, that’s the first checkpoint of the day :-) Tiles, more tiles. These ones needs kind of organisation apparently. Not sure but I guess…


We need to prepare a space on this side and then move the tiles by groups, colours… Anyway, basic stuff here.


Many cuts today, Sue just tell us that the water in the tanks could be low. Ahaaah! interesting :-) We’ve got a new mission, mainly and highly important! So we are going next to the “lake” with our equipment to fix that problem and pump the water from the dam towards the house.


We have :

  • The water pressure washer (I’m gonna call it “Karsher” it’s shorter) > to > push the water up hill
  • a pump (green, black and yellow) > to > suck and push the water from the “lake” to the Karsher
  • a buoy (bouée) > to > to keep the green pump on the surface
  • a hose and other pipes in case (because we don’t really know what we are doing actually ;-)

With that we should be able to rock it!


Of course we forgot some parts and came up and down few times. Jamie is now having a wonderful boat trip full of adventure and suspense :-) We want to put the pipe in the water but not in the plant with the mud. Go Jamie, Go! haha :-)


The first idea didn’t work because we couldn’t connect the pipe to the Karsher. So we connected a normal hose (tuyau) to the Karsher and then through the other end in the water… with the buoy of course!


Result? success? no… nothing worked properly… We realised that the Karsher does not suck the water. So we connected the pump to push the water. After a while, the water came out of the pipe next to the house! Hey! cool we did it! When 5 minutes later we hear from the house that the Karsher stopped working… No fuel maybe? We came down again. There is still fuel in it so it’s something else. We started the engine again but after a minute this time it stopped again. There is too much pressure for it. It’s powerful to wash but not enough to push water along 500m and up hill! Rah! We need to find another solution. Hey! I’ve got another solution! Just wait, rain is coming. Easy :-)