Casino, swimming and short visit


As the last 3 weekends in the property I’m spending my time working on my blog. I make a new version which fits multi size screens (a mobile version for Max). Around mid day, Sue Informed us that she was going to Lismore. I hesitated to go but it’s good to have a break.
After Walking around the empty city and having a drink offered by Jamie (thanks man :-) We went swimming with Vilma for a short hour. I expected to swim every weekend but it’s finally only the second time I do it. Then I came back front of the computer to work on my blog… again. Simple weekend.

2 thoughts on “Casino, swimming and short visit

  1. Kia ora! Damien, Greeitnings from New Zealand! :-)
    Its good that you have a little break you need it, even to change the scenery a little bit, by the way your Blog look great!
    Have a good day!

  2. Ola Damien,

    Thanks a lot for the mobile optimised site web version. C’est vraiment agréable a utiliser :-). Et bien tu es servi toi qui aime bien organiser et bricoler ! Je suis pressé de voir les photos après !
    Bon c’est cool aussi ces breaks baignade et tout! Les weekends sont fait pour ça.

    A bientôt en tout cas !


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