Upper Mongogarie, cleaning


I took the picture too late but it’s still a mess (bordel) so it’s ok haha :-) The wood actually standing on the light grey container was on the floor and there was dozen of “swimming pool tiles” (carrelage de piscine). I’ll take a picture when everything will be clean and tidy and you will see the HUGE difference. We are the “Cleaners” : three backpackers, one goal for a wonderful result! haha ;-)


Isn’t that wired (bizarre) to have a Christmas tree with fake snow here, in Australia, where never ever snow will touch this ground? They should have a Christmas Palm tree :-) And you can put even more presents around the trunk because it’s tall :-D


Remember that, in few hours all this mess will be gone, magic! We must find a solution for the tiny (mini) blue tiles. There is so much on the ground mixed with dust, dead leafs and other things we don’t want to know… Sue want to keep them to sell them. Good luck. I’ll take more details pictures on Monday to describes our problem, a VERY interesting problem of course. We are going to save the world of we solve this one! See ya!

One thought on “Upper Mongogarie, cleaning

  1. Yes, we dream about snow in Christmas time! Simply too hot in Christmas time!
    Marco has never seen any snow falling, but he has seen icy snow on the ground in Japan & Canada.
    I hope you will have a good Christmas this year!

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