Thames > Papa Aroha (73km, 5h)

Today my plan is to reach Papa Aroha where I will stay 2 nights. It’s a little village with nothing special there but the camp is less expensive :-).


First mission of the day : verify if there is something interesting in the fridge. Usualy if the food belongs to somebody this person should put his product in a bag or be a minimum organise. But inside this fridge it’s a mess and the camp is empty. So, I can help myself as view say here :-).

  • Cereals I like it! honey yes!
  • Soja sauce I have already.
  • Butter, I take it!
  • Marmalade too heavy.
  • Milk, too heavy.
  • Different sauces, I don’t like.
  • Ok that’s good :-).

I’m right on the coast now but front of the wind…
Everybody in thames say that coromandel has the most beautiful beach of new zealand. I’m not really sure for now… The colour of the water is brown…

I have no idea why this frog is here. Maybe there is some French people near to this place.

Who will win? The house or the nature?

I’ve just missed this storm ouf!

Very coloured cafe, in summer it’s certainly full full full.

Front of the cafe, a beautiful park attached to the ocean.

I’m going behind all that mountains :-).

But before there is a garden to visit. My book doesn’t mention the price so I’m afroad it’s expensive. I will see that in 6km.

Ok that’s the place but it’s too expensive for me now, 15$. There is flowers and plants everywhere for free and it’s not something really kiwi. Let’s go back to the windy coast.

Heuu is it allowed to make that? Is it safe? Is it beautiful?

Hey! The weather is getting nice and warm cool.

Finish the coast, I’m attacking the real part of coromandel now. I’m about 100 metres now and it’s still going up. The view is great!

Whoaao! There is lots of hills there.

Fiou! Uuuf! Whouaa! My ass! It’s 200 metres now and I need a sandwich break! When I’m eating two cyclists and then a third one arrive to the top with race bike. As usualy we exchange some words. One of them tell me “how the hell can you do that with extra weight?” haha! :-) I take my time. They are going to coromandel town (where I’m heading as well) to take a ferry back to Auckland. But I will continue my way to Papa Aroha. I could join them but they continuing now and I want, I need a break.

It’s look like the far west here :-).

What the name of the animals? I’m not in the same country as 5 minutes before.

A visit of the cute little town.

Finally a free place is always better than a cheap camp. I’ll take my shower tomorrow. The door was open and I will be clean as every time. But I have to be careful because there is shits everywhere in this field.

I’ve just have to wait for the sunset and all will be okay :-). Good night!

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