Pinnacles hut > Thames (3h by walk + 22km, 1h)

Hey! my first time in a bed was good but my tent is cool :-). It’s 7am, I wake up and I’m hungry! I take all my stuff quickly and discretely to not wake up the others… Today I’m going to come back to Thames. I will have the afternoon to find an internet point :-).


I start the day with a visit of a dam. That barrage use to use by men to move the kauri trunk along the river. They kept as much water as they could on the over side and suddenedly all the water came through the dam and transported all the trunks to the next one. There was several things like this along the river to reach the final point. I hope I’m clear…

A last picture of pinnacles before I leave. It was great yesterday :-).

Yesterday the woman of the DOC visitor center told me that the rain should arrive this afternoon. “Take your time rain it’s only 8:16pm.

I’m not taking exactly the same path as yesterday to discover something else maybe. Now, I know, I’m in the bush.

Behind me it’s plate mountain. Wouhaaa…

I should handle my camera case differently I think…

Nice tracks but it’s most beautiful in real.

There is a good view from here. Perfect for a panoramic shoot.

Sometimes the path is totally rough. Trees, big rocks, water are coming through.

Ah, at least I’m not lost but, where is the track? Ah ok there, I was going to faSt

A little bird trying to hide itself but my camera catch it hehe.

Ah finally I arrive to the “billy board camp” (I’m not really sure of the name, doesn’t matter). It’s totally crowded here…

Yes, I’m no a track! There is on orange triangle front of me.

Pinnacles hut is at 3h from here. It took me a bit more than 2h and I took many pictures… I like walking fast and eat slowly :-).

Whaoua! Heu… Where is the rest? Let’s have a look to the panel… Maybe I missed something.

It’s better to imagine how was this place than my mature photographs haha!

Aaaah! The other part is there and it’s a longer one. More interesting :-)

I’m seating on the history! Like a tourist..

That’s a deep forest.

Above it’s normally green and underneath totally white. This is the plant which represent the black flag of the “all blacks”. I saw this plant everywhere in new zealand.

The last checkpoint and I will find my bike soon or not…

That’s the famous DOC visitor center from where I started yesterday.

And after 22km, I’ve joined Thames for the second time. A good meal is waiting for me so see ya tomorrow!

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