Kauaeranga Valley > Pinnacles lookout

Today I will have a good trek in the mountains of Coromandel peninsula. The Pinnacles’ highest point reach 759m and by good weather we can see both sides of the peninsula! Cool!

Like every time, the morning breakfast is really important. I didn’t sleep so well this night because the ground is not really flat here but that’s alright.

After 7km, I’m finally reaching the DOC visitor center.

Ok, I’m ready and my bike is safe (I hope).

After few metres there is already a river to cross by a moving bridge! That’s cool:-).

First large landscape : an high and far waterfall.

2h30 to join the hut, that’s a long walk but I like it because the suspense is still there.

This solid rock path was using by packhorses during the 1920s.

Aaah! Blue sky. The view will be marvellous if it’s still like this when I will reach the top.

I’m getting high:-) and I can see very far now.

Those stairs are enormous. Fiou! I can go really fast. I’m in holiday, slow down!

Fortunately, I’m wearing red colour :-).

Haa. Haa, the landscape is changing. It’s clear and dry now.

Only 1h30 to join the hut:-).

We can’t see it the picture but is very steep.

This “mountain” was create by lava some millions years ago.

Oh no! That’s my last TimTam! I need to come able now in Thames and by a new packet!

I recognise this kind of trunk, that’s or it was… A kauri tree. The peninsula is the last place where I will see kauri trees.

Now I think I have an idea where I’m going. To the top!

This valley is wonderful!

Yes! It’s THE point. Pinnacles I’m coming! I can see the track attached the mountain.

And I can see where I will sleep tonight as well :-).

That’s looks good and quiet.

But I think in summer it’s just crowed. Tonight we are 7 to sleep here and hut can contain 80 person… I don’t want to imagine that…

The kitchen is really clean. Ah, a little box with free food, interesting… A banana, ok, oil, to heavy, cereals, why not, and that’s it, the free banana is for me :-).

The dormitory looks goods too but 40 people there… Wouha! There is too big rooms like this.

Hey! Pinnacles you are there.

The pinnacles 50min. Here we go!

The grounds here is quite soft and it’s cool to walk no it. It’s certainly to protect the roots of the trees around.

We can already see the east coast of coromandel :-).

It’s really steep as well here.

There is certainly a great view up to these stairs.

Wouhaou! That’s great. The hut seems like nothing from here.

The top is not so far away now.

Houla! It’s almost vertical here!

For the last minute, a video! A good windy souvenir :-).

Up to the top! Have a look to the left side (south).

To the right (north east).

And to the middle ( west) :-). The hut is really really small now and I confirm, there is not any neighbour here.

Few days ago, I was somewhere cycling no the background. I’m not sure but it should be the direction.

It’s time to come back to the hut :-). It’s freezing here!

The top of the top!

Nature is beautiful!

I can make a choice between these two pictures.

It’s almost possible to see how steep is it.

No there is some stairs underneath :-). Where is the swimming pool?

Wouhoo! Be careful…

Finally come back to the hut :-)

But before, manual shoes cleaning machine.

I was turning and turning around without finding the… toilets. All is good, view are here!

I’m now writing the diary of this wonderful day :-) really good place here!

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  1. I used to passed a long moving bridge up high in the sky between very tall tress, maybe the highest I don”t remember. Would you like to see a pic?

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