Thames, visit of the city > Kauaeranga Valley (15km, 1h20)

This city looks good, there is many colonial buildings as houses, restaurants and hotels. The main road, Pollen street, pass through all along the city. All the shops are there so it’s really hard to be lost.


The camp where I stayed last night was out north of the city so i’m going back to it. I could visit this gold mine but it will be open in october… What’s a pity! It looks interesting…

That’s the old library :-).

And… It’s right quite clearly on it.

And then… The train station! The… Heu… A train here? Maybe for the tourists. But there is something strange, the rails are so little. So… It’s for small tourists :-) or maybe one train occupy to rails? Aaag but we should have a problem to pass under the roof hhahaa!:-)

!?! What are they doing? Aaaah a baby train! Or… A BIG child game for old kids haha. It doesn’t seams working… I would like so see that, later maybe?

Let’s have a break in this park. I could write here :-). I can see on the left side of the picture a little bridge for the little train, cool!

A colonial style yellow house :-)

One of the last hotel in Thames. It use to have 112 of them during the gold period.

After yellow and red, there is white!

And brown!

I’ve never seen something like this. It’s between “petanque” and our bowling and it looks like a very precise game.

Another shop.

This house is massive and wonderful! Fiou!

Finally it’s time to reach the DOC camp in the Kauaeranga Valley before it’s getting too dark.

Hey this place looks good as well :-) and it’s free. I just need to hide myself from the road and it will be perfect. Good night!
PS: I won’t sleep inside but around. There is lots of beautiful grass Perfect for my tent :-)