Thames, mines walkway

Ok I’m ready! This time, my bike is in holiday and I’m going to walk in the forest for minimum two hours. I have my lamp, my knife, water, waterproof clothes and motivation. Let’s go :-)

Ah! but this track looks like easy! I could take my bike!

I’m now in the real track and definitely, it’s impossible to ride here :-). There is so holes like this along the path but I don’t want to enter inside. Whou!

That’s a forest I’m totally agree with that:-)

After one hour and a half I finally reach the top! It’s cloudy but the view is still good!

In my way down, I can see the city where I came from few hours ago.

No particular thing to see but I like this picture:-)

I’m getting closer. Cool, I’m not lost:-)

The way is very steep here and I felt once.

Come back to the camp :-). That was a good trip. After almost 80km, I made 10km in the bush. That’s enough for today!

And the kitchen of the camp. this camp has almost the same atmosphere of the one of Kerikeri I think. All is broken but the place is good :-).

2 thoughts on “Thames, mines walkway

    When I see your pictures, I think you are totally crazy!!
    Are you doing a remake of LOST (TV series)??
    It seems like that when I see picture of you lost in the forest… If I were you, I would be scared >_<'
    At least, I guess you don't lack motivation: that's great!
    In your last mail, the last sentence you wrote comforted me and made me smile :)
    So I just wanna tell you, I support you and be strong!
    Miss U ^^

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