Kawakawa bay > Thames (79km, 5h)

Thames used to be a gold exploitation city. Colons have extracted something like 4000 tonnes of gold. There is many historical building and certainly some good pictures to take :-D.


As fred told me, the ride to Thames start with by a hill. It seems that I’m in Waipoua forest :-).

After the first hill I arrive on this place where a river pass through it. I could take some good pictures there. Ok, let’s go for a visit and shuuut :-).

My favourite. The ground is full of plant like this and with the rays of the sun the colours becomes great!

That’s means for me : no free camping…

Two birds are fighting to prove “hey look, I’m the best!” “No that’s me! I’m so perfect and stronger than him!”

I reach the coast and this village is really quite.

I like this road because it’s not crowded and just next to the ocean.

Ok, I know it’s a bit the same… Coast, sea, coast, ocean,…

Ahaa that’s a new one :-). This is a community hall, I’m not sure… A kind of place for Maori people. It’s like a church but different. I should learn more about it…

Good decoration at least.

That’s a funny sculpture:-). Actually I’m riding against the wind since 1 hour and it’s really annoying and difficult.

And a funny house with all those “wheel protections” no the wall. Recycling!

Thames is not far away now. The last 20km the wind was in my back and I was really fast:-)


It’s the “big” city of the peninsula. The same size as Kaitaia : 5000 people.

Arrive to the camp, it’s only 2pm so I have plenty of time to go to the got swimming pool!

Or not… There is track which start directly from this camp. There is some mines tunnels along and a good view. I can go there this afternoon.

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