Papa Aroha > Port Jackson (53km, 4h)

Today should be the most difficult part to join the top. I will pass through every bay but between each of them there is hills. I hope the weather will be kind with me because the wind seams still there…


This night was windy and rainy but was good, and free haha. I was ziping off my tent when I saw this bird. It wasn’t closed enough for my camera but we can see the colours. I see this bird more often than pigeons. Maybe it’s the NZ pigeon.

I’m no my way after Colville where I bought some expensive bread to be ready for the rest of this trip. To the top, there is DOC camps and nature. No shops, no macdo, nothing :-).

Ha… Am I in the same country?

Colville in now no the background. The tide is coming up in the bay.

The normal road let the place to the gravels. The pain to the ass is starting!

That tree look… not normal… I don’t know…

I don’t have not so much water and finally I find a place to fill my bottles. This river looks clean and clean but we never know. Maybe the is a dead possum somewhere up in the water. My super filter will keep me safe. I can drink as much as I need cool!

The landscape looks like safari here. The strange tree is right on my back where all is green but there… It’s different. I’m in africa now :-).

With a larger point of view we can see the separation between the green and the brown.

I’ve reach the coast again. I’m wearing my rain stuff because 10min ago it was like storm and now I feel so hot! But I’m sure if I take of these protection it will rain again.

In live!

Just beautiful.

The windy coast ambiance.

I was wrong, macdo is everywhere :-). Maybe there is wifi for free around haha.

Theses trees are call pohutukawas, I don’t know what does it means but there are several times 100 years and grow in sometimes on an horizontal way. Crazy trees.

I like nature but live here… It’s very far away of every thing.

I have nothing to say for this series :-). Nature nature nature.

I reach the first camp :-) there is 4 DOC campsites on the top of Coromandel peninsula. This one is cute but I want continuing a bite more again. Just a short break for a sandwich and here we go!

I’m getting high again…

Is it the last corner? It’s remained me when we was canoeing in Ardeche. Close to the end every curves seemed to be the last one but it wasn’t :-).

Ah no it’s not. I the preview video I showed the point where I’m standing now…

The pictures are much better when I look behind :-)

Here is the first time when I push my bike… For 10 metres :-) but they are steeper than the rest. Gogogo! I’m almost arrived but before there is the last one slope of the day… I hope!

Ouf! Almost 200m! That’s where I’m come from…

… And I’m going.

Port jackson is on the beach just there.

A little visit :-).

And a little break :-).

That was a GOOD day :-). Tomorrow, nothing! Off!

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