Sydney (Pyrmont), new office work


This is time to upload some new pictures on this blog even if I’m not travelling anymore. This place where I’ve started my new job few days ago is really nice and the guys are really cool as well. I’m lucky!


But let’s start from the beginning! I arrived a bit early this morning so I’ve got some time to take some pictures and have a rest before I start. The weather is outstanding and it’s not that cold. good!


The Cooperage building (where I work) is surrounded by bigger one but definitively modern.


Finally! An inside view :-) The old stuff was keep as a museum part and it’s protected by glass.


I think this building used to be use to form steal parts. I’m not pretty sure about that because I did not see any annotations yet.


Let’s come back in the office. It’s not big but I have a good feeling about this place. Wood, couch, old style fridge, music and Macs :-)


Yep, same as before.

4 thoughts on “Sydney (Pyrmont), new office work

  1. Hé damien tas vraiment une bonne étoile au dessus de ta tête ! Chaque fois que tu trouves un job c’est vraiment sympa ! Même dans une grande ville comme sydney t’arrives à te trouver un endroit qui a l’air paisible !!

  2. Je viens de parcourir ton blog pour voir un peu ce que j’avais raté et ce que je peux dire cest que la vie n’est pas un long fleuve tranquille pour toi et c’est tant mieux !!!!

  3. Slt copain !

    Je savais que tu trouverais un taf dans ta branche ! Tu gères !

    De mon coté toujours du coté de Genève !

    Take care my friend ! I miss you !

  4. Congratulations on your new job!
    Many pages were added since I visited last time.
    I will come back and read more. (It’s midnight now.)

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