Sydney (Pyrmont), Working for Twoskinnymen


Hello, after a month spent working in Neutral bay, my contract ended up. They didn’t have enough work coming in to keep me. During that time I had some more appointments but I did not succeed until today. A week ago I applied for two more jobs and this time it worked! Today I stated a new work in Pyrmont which is halfway of the previous job. The place is nice. Several small companies share spaces in that old fashion building. Then, someone contact me today about another application I made last web and some else from LinkedIn contact me for to have a chat for a permanent job. The first month was slow but now it’s getting crazy! Nice :-)


I’m now working in Pyrmont just between the main two bridges of Sydney.


And look, right next to where I work there is swimming pool. By 6pm, only two person was swimming. I’m going to swim again!

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