Sydney, cycling around


This is weekend and the sun is still here with that wonderful blue sky. I don’t have any choice, I must cycle around and visit a bit the city because since 2 months I didn’t really. Let’s start with Glebe.



Ok… Glebe was short. I’m now in Pyrmont (around work) and I found online that I might be able to play table tennis. Would be great!


So, yes! I can come here any day and play ping-pong. It’s free if I bring my own bat. Cool! Let’s continue the visit towards the city center.


Few! What’s happening here? I feel I’m in China somewhere :-)


I’m now really close to Chinatown where I discover this nice street. Sydney council (I think) asked to Artists to decorate the lanes of the city to make them more attractive.


We’ve got here some babies angels with three eyes. Well, why not.


The entire lane is painted, even the ground!


Hey! this angle looks much better.


Or this one.


Yep, this is it : Chinatown!


Lot’s of people here. I thought Chinatown was a big district but it’s just one street, quite short with shops and restaurants both side.  There is a looong queue on the left side. Poeple are waiting for… I don’t know what actually. It should be good because there is something like 50 or more people waiting.
note : I’ve learned later from Robin that this place is well known for its creamy puff. The size of the shop is like 4 m2 so nobody can enter inside which is create that long queue and attract even more people because look! there is lots of people there! why? Oooh, it’s might be good if so much people are waiting, etc…


No transition. After Chinatown, I’ve been to Paddington (still in Sydney) to go to a glasses shop because I’d like to change my lens. I’m now on my way back and front of the Allianz stadium. It looks like a crashed UFO.


Passing through Surry Hill I discover this wonderful paint that I’ve seen with Wendy on her computer. Great job, really precise!


Coming back to the city center.


This is central station with that big “grass” building. Let’s have a look closer.


This is not the best place to take a picture of it.


But with a closer look, you get the idea. Each windows has plants growing around. I’love to see a whole city with that style.


Sydney is full a different architecture style.


Yes, I know, again. I like this building :-)


Up there, this is Broadway, the place where I used to go to get internet.
As you can see, motorcyclist can now sneek between the cars. Wow, that means it used to be forbidden! The scooters would get very annoyed in Paris if they could not do that.


This other side of my favourite building. The strange thing on the top with mirror is used to “transport” light between the towers. At night, spots show different colours for a stylish effect.


They let space for a big garden as well.


 last picture of this building with a better view on the “reflective platform”.


I’m now coming back home passing through small street and what is that? Another street art made by Nico. This guys really gets his own style.


The boss of this coffee place knows the artists who painted his wall but apparently, the city council is looking for to erase them.


They are nice and don’t kook like a simple graff.


To finish the day Robin show me an old fashion desert made with limonade and Vanilla ice cream called a limon-spider. Why? no idea but it’s nice :-) See ya!

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  1. J’adore le buiding avec toutes les plantes ! C’est une sacrée bonne idée pour donner un côté plus sympa a ces buliding sans aucun charme !! Belles photos en tout cas !!

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