Sydney (Pyrmont), Lunch time


Believe it or not, it’s winter here! and… I’m gonna burn soon if I don’t come back inside to work. Yep, this is the place where  I work every week since 3 weeks now. At the end of the main corridor there is some small balconies like this one where anybody can enjoy at anytime.


Look at the view! (but not too far because then there is a kind of ugly industrial building on the background. And even worse, on that particular building is set a huge advert published by Vodafone, this is for who I work every day…)


Crazy sky!

3 thoughts on “Sydney (Pyrmont), Lunch time

  1. Quand je dis que l’Australie et la Côte d’Azur ont des points communs … Au moins un ciel bleu immaculé hiver comme été !!!

  2. Sympas les petites terrasses avec vue. Il y en a qui ont la belle vie dis moi ! Même s’ils doivent travailler ! Lol

  3. Hey Damien! Your very lucky, winter in Sydney warm and lots of sunshine :-) in NZL very cold and lots of rain, but not for long I can smell the spring! yeah :-) Enjoy your day!

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