Ruatōria > Tolaga bay (88km, 4h50)

Today is finally the day to continue my trip. I had a great time with you Maila, Kaila and Ramai :-) and we discover lots of different food (too much? ;-) But I’m not ready yet! I need opening my eyes before, take a shower, finish packing my stuff andi will be ready to go :-)


Come back on the road.

Surrounded by grass, trees, sheep, cows, birds, flat possums :-)

I’m now in Te Puia where I asked to the reception of this building if I could buy permit to use the different beaches on the way. But the woman refuse because I don’t have chemical toilets… and I don’t have any dollars with me, cool!

Next checkpoint : Tokomaru bay.

There is a nice beach and as usual on the east coast an empty skate pack.

Until now I never see any towel on the sand. This beach is huge!

Yes, I’m here :-)

There is some old “far west style” empty shop and few house around. This place is quite.

I just like this point of view :-)

The colour of the water is wouho!

After Tokomaru bay I climbed a looong slope and the temperature was increasing every minutes : 25°, 26°, 27°!…Hey, GPS, what are you doing? Are you expecting me to collapse onto the road? 28°!!… hey! Stop! 29°…, 29.6° okay I need a break…

Tolaga bay is not far away now.

Black sheep! Or maybe they used to be white but with that sun…

Yes! I’ve reach the last checkpoint of the day :-)

This the main inn of Tolaga bay, an old colonial building.

And another huge empty beach.

A zoom on the left.

And one on the right.

It’s hard to see on this picture but there is the longest wharf of the south hemisphere and I’m going to go there to visit it.

The wharf is out on the city, I will come back later to plant my tent somewhere. I like the colour of the water.

This day is so clear and warm! Summer is getting closer :-) I will ride at night in few week I think haha :-)

This is a special manner to eat grass effortless :-) the “east coast style” haha :-)

660m! This wharf was using for commercial exchange until 1960. Since that time it’s getting worst every year.

Now they are repairing it when they get enough donation to do it.

Almost to the end.

There is a great view from here.

Yes, they should repair it because it’s really bad here! But it’s a style :-)

Now I’m going up to the lookout point to see the wharf from the top. It should be interesting.

These yellow sticks remain me another place… Ah yes! Hikurangi mountain :-)

Wouhaou! That’s genial from that point of view!


That’s a good place for fishing, that’s sure!

A wonderful panoramic view! I’m going to sleep at the other end of the beach tonight.

I’m happy… inside :-)

Hey, there was a little spider underneath my camera. Camouflage spider :-)

I’ve walk a bit farther to find a best scenery lookout but the preview one way better.

I’m coming back to my first spot at the end of the beach to see if I can plant my tent or not.

The sun has gone. I think I could set up my tent now. I’m not allowed to cap here but there is anybody and it’s so quiet. There is just the sound of the waves behind me. Later a van with two adventurers came around to find a place. They finally stop here because, I think, I was there. I hope we won’t have a bad surprise tomorrow morning if the police come… we will see :-) Later, later, two car came and parked on the other side of the building where I was sleeping next. They came to listen some music and around 10pm they left the place. That’s a safe place :-) good night.

2 thoughts on “Ruatōria > Tolaga bay (88km, 4h50)

  1. Hey Dam !

    You’re come back on roads again ! C’est super ! J’écris en french car je ne sais pas comment changer la langue sur mon téléphone… comment to te sens de quitter cette famille qui t’as accueilli pendant près de 2 semaines ? Si je me trompe pas? Super photos ! En tout cas comme toujours ! Par contre j’ai pas trouvé l’araignée :-) bon voyage ! On pense a toi !


  2. Hello max, effectivement je suis bien resté 2 semaines mais apres 2 jours sur la route je me suis retrouvé chez les amis de Maila où je suis resté que 4 jours car il faut que j’avance un peu quand même :-). Me voilà de nouveau sur la route du ça caille un peu en ce moment (10degré hier) mais le temps devrait s’améliorer progressivement. J’enverrai la suite des photos depuis Napier ou Hasting. J’y arrive demain normalement. Le sud de l’île du nord se rapproche !:-)
    Sinon l’araignée depuis bien sur la photo et bien camouflée :-). A bientot

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